Kuwait gun prohibition..

It seems, according to Dave Kopel of the Volokh Conspiracy, that the Kuwaiti royal family does not sit easily upon their throne; they are insisting that the resistance (that is, the pro-Kuwaiti resistance who fought against Saddam Hussein after he invaded) give up their arms -- and they are enforcing this with house-to-house searches and stiff penalties. 

This suggests an interesting question to me:

Suppose a foreign nation... let's say Canada... decides to invade the United States.  They send in their army, armed with a variety of deadly weapons; everything from machine guns to tanks.  Suppose, in the typical Red Dawn scenario, our own military is busy somewhere else and it is left to the militia to repel the invasion.  Suppose further that the militia successfully routs the Canadian army before our own military can become a serious factor, and order is restored.

What happens to the captured Canadian firearms?  They are not legal in the United States -- being unregistered NFA weapons (machine guns).  While it wouldn't be too difficult to round up all the tanks, it would be completely impossible to collect all the machine guns, grenades, and so forth.  Inevitably, some of those weapons would end up in civilian hands.

How would the United States government respond to this situation?

Just an interesting thought experiment.

UPDATE: Thanks for the link, Alphecca.  I'd like to take a moment to clarify the conumdrum, in order to hopefully avoid further commenter confusion.  The problem I presented is this: the defeated Canadian army leaves behind thousands of captured military weapons (machine guns, primarily) in civilian hands.  Under current law, it is legal to own a registered machine gun with the appropriate permission slips, but it is impossible to register new machine guns.  The widespread scope of the invasion ensures that the government cannot simply recover all the weapons through a limited, aggressive policy against a few individuals. 

If the weapons are to be recovered, it would be house-to-house searches.  If they are left out there, suddenly there are thousands of people who probably do not even realize they are in possession of an "illegal" machine gun through no fault of their own.  Should they be charged?  What if they aren't discovered for decades?

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