The plot thickens...

I've reported before (here and here) about an anti-gun group masquerading as an organization of hunters and shooters supporting the 2nd Amendment.  At the time, it seemed little more than a dirty, deceptive political trick -- that is, create a fake front group and pretend to have grassroots support, while possibly collecting donations from our side if people don't read the site carefully.  This fake front group is running their website from

But now I've seen reports that there is a real pro-gun group using  It's not exactly the most professional of websites, but it seems genuine enough.  Is the anti-gun website an attempt to usurp the good name of the earlier group, creating confusion among pro-gun types?  Maybe.  Even the names are suggestive: the "Hunters Shooting Association" (good) and the "American Hunters and Shooters Association" (bad). 

Is this tactic fair?  Honest?  No.

As such it illustrates perfectly one of the most striking characteristics of the firearms debate: only one side is willing to tell the truth.  The anti-gun side is willing to lie, deceive, mislead... whatever they need to do in order to get their laws passed.  And that's exactly why we shouldn't trust them with any kind of control over policy.

I don't say this lightly.  I've seen more dishonest and downright evil tactics from the anti-gun activists than I have in any other policy debate.  It's one thing to have an honorable opponent whom you can respectfully disagree while remaining cordial; it's quite another to face an opponent willing to lie, cheat, and stab you in the back to get their way.

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