A history lesson, and a call to battle

Suddenly it dawned on me, they were telling me that my right of free speech was dependent upon their right to bear arms. Right, like your average NRA member is going to fight off an invading army. Still, the gun people had a point that I should have picked up on long ago.
This editorial was published on April 19th, 2005.  On April 19th, 1775, the first shot of the Revolutionary War was fired by a civilian militia... to prevent the British government seizing firearms from the militia.
If I support gun ownership, isn't it both logical and fair that the NRA should automatically oppose all attempts by the conservative left to regulate music lyrics, cable TV content, satellite radio and Howard Stern? If we support their rights, aren't they obliged to bring to bear their winning influence on all attempts to diminish the rights of Americans to express themselves freely, even during national flirtations with totalitarianism?
The NRA has led the fight against the unConstitutional Campaign Finance Reform Act, including court challenges.  Now it's your turn.  Why aren't you covering Parker v DC or Seegars v Gonzalez?  Where were you when the Assault Weapons Ban passed -- and during the fight to block it's renewal?  Did you oppose the .50 rifle ban in California?  Have you written in opposition to the proposed handgun ban in San Francisco?  What about supporting the right of firearms manufacturers to sell a legal product according to the law without fighting frivolous lawsuits?  Why haven't you written an expose about the absurd process of buying a hunting rifle in Washington, DC?

Still, he's got the right idea.  The left and the right should stand united on the issue of Constitutional freedoms.   if you want to welcome him to the fight, and suggest a few things for him to focus on, you can email him at

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