FBI agent who interviewed Clinton on email server sent anti-Trump texts

Daily CallerThe text messages showed Strzok and Page reacting with anti-Trump sentiments to certain news events, including the presidential debates.

He was the FBI’s lead investigator on the Clinton email investigation, so much so that he interviewed the former secretary of state on July 2, 2016.

Days later, then-FBI Director James Comey announced that he would not be recommending charges against Clinton for mishandling classified information on her private email server.

Remember how odd that interview was? How she wasn't sworn in, was allowed to bring in her lawyers (who were also subjects of the investigation)? How no one bothered to video the interview?

Oh, and he also interviewed Michael Flynn, who recently pled guilty to lying in that interview about perfectly legal foreign policy activities conducted as part of Trump's transition team.

So in other words, this one agent and his fellow agent / mistress (possibly working with others as yet unrevealed) both managed to clear Hillary Clinton of her email server problems and hang a couple felonies on a Trump administration transition team member.

UPDATE: He's ALSO the one who signed the documents to open the Russian investigation and who softened Comey's gross negligence to extremely careless. And Mueller concealed it for months in the face of Congressional demands, then Congressional subpoenas, and very nearly to the point of a contempt citation (scheduled to be drafted today, if the FBI and DOJ have not complied).

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