The FBI scrambled to cover up Clinton, Lynch tarmac meeting

Then the FBI told us flat-out that it couldn’t find any records. And we now know that was flat-out untrue. Because, in responding to another one of our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits, the Justice Department gave us heavily redacted documents that showed there were additional documents tucked away at the FBI headquarters.

Now we know why the FBI played shell games. The documents show that FBI officials were concerned solely about the leaking of details of the tarmac meeting. None of the documents show top agency officials cared one whit about the propriety of the meeting itself, but only about who blew the whistle on the covert tête-à-tête.

It's amazing that we're almost a year into a Trump administration and we're still uncovering scandals and coverups from the previous administration. It seems obvious that the FBI has become thoroughly politicized and untrustworthy. The same applies to the intelligence agencies who willingly wiretapped the Trump campaign (never mind the American people in general, they've been doing that on a bipartisan basis for years).

How do we restore these agencies and institutions to something that can be trusted? Is that even possible?

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