So Mueller is really scraping the bottom of the barrel here...

He's filing two charges against Michael Flynn of "lying to investigators". As a political matter, these charges are a nothingburger, and Mueller has found nothing related to Russian collusion with Trump to influence the elections in months of investigating. It's certainly not the OMG Russians stole the election he was supposed to be investigating.

It's only significant insofar as Flynn testifies against people in the administration as a result of the plea deal. And while I'm sure Mueller would love to get some nice, juicy testimony about people higher up, let's remind ourselves that Flynn lasted about a month as National Security Advisor and was fired by the Trump administration for the very same lies he has now pled guilty to, lies which the FBI has already investigated and determined to be without intent to deceive, declining to file charges. That was Comey doing the declining, by the way, before he was fired for gross incompetence and being a political hack for the other party.

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