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Of all the utterly STUPID....

So one of my Senators (the older, stupider, RINO-ish one) is sending out a poll to all of his constituents. Or perhaps it's all of his constituents who have given him a piece of their mind on Obamacare repeal or some other subgroup. His poll has two yes or no questions:

1. Do you support the American Health Care Act, which could replace Obamacare? (yes/no)

2. If no, would you support the American Health Care Act with additional amendments? (yes/no)

So how can any rational person respond to this poll?

I support repealing Obamacare, which this legislation sort of does. I don't support replacing Obamacare with something that's basically the same plus a few tweaks, which also describes this legislation. I'd like to know why we can't just do step one REPEAL THE WHOLE BLOODY THING and step two DISCUSS POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENTS. Instead Congress seems intent on keeping the parts that don't work while continuing to increase government regulations (including price controls) over the health care industry rather than actually addressing problems with a free market approach that has a chance of actually working.

And then the next question -- would I support the legislation "with additional amendments"?


I have no idea what "additional amendments" I'm supposed to be considering here. Amendments could make it worse. They could make it better. Judging by how the Senate operates, they could replace the whole bill with something that declares the moon is made of green cheese. I mean, I sort of get the intent of the question -- they're trying to find out if I really hate the bill because I don't want to repeal Obamacare, or if I really hate the bill because it sucks but a few small changes might get me on board because I really do want to repeal Obamacare.

Which I suppose is a good sign. It tells me the Senate Republicans are getting a lot of negative comments about the repeal bill and are shocked, surprised, confused, scared, trying to figure out what's going on -- do they hate repeal or do they hate this specific bill because it sucks and we need to do better? But seriously. Seriously. This is a guy whose career depends on understanding what the public (in his state) wants him to do. And this is the best fucking pair of poll questions he can come up with? This pair of idiotic, incoherent incomprehensible poll questions?

This entry was published 2017-03-20 11:28:52.0 by TriggerFinger and last updated 2017-03-20 11:28:52.0. [Tweet]

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