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Trump orders review of vehicle emissions regulation

The HillPresident Trump will formally order the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week to review whether one of its car emissions regulations should be scaled back.

This is worth celebrating, because the review will likely result in significant changes to one of Obama's ticking time bombs: the EPA's regulation of "greenhouse gas emissions" from vehicles. That's regulation of carbon dioxide, a natural part of Earth's atmosphere that is relatively harmless to humans and animal life, and forms a vital part of what plants need in order to survive. The use of the word "emissions" is designed to make you think of this gas as a harmful, poisonous substance. It's not. It's an inevitable byproduct of burning gasoline to move the car, and the only danger this gas presents to humans is the basic global warming argument. In other words, if you emit too much of this gas, a bunch of idiots think the average temperature of the Earth will increase by one or two degrees. Probably. In a few centuries from now. And their short term predictions aren't coming true, so scratch that "probably" right out. They're basically selling you a chicken little doomsday to scare you into following their religious dictates.

The only practical effect the regulation being reconsidered will have is that car manufacturers will have the chance to make the case that lighter, more efficient, more expensive cars are not a good idea. Oh, and that lighter, more efficient cars are not actually possible while still making things that look and act like cars.

Unless we all want to end up driving motorcycles to work, we need to make sure the vehicle efficiency standards are reasonable. We need to make sure they are possible. We need to make sure we don't bankrupt the manufacturers by forcing them to make a ton of Volts and Priuses when people want to buy trucks.

In short, we need to stop interfering with the free market. Let manufacturers make what they think people want rather than what the government demands. Let people buy what they actually want, or as close to that as the manufacturers can figure out and produce. Let the EPA stick to regulating actual pollution rather than chicken-little greenhouse gas fantasies. Or maybe turn that part over to the individual states and let the EPA's budget be spent on deficit reduction.

This entry was published 2017-03-17 09:33:04.0 by TriggerFinger and last updated 2017-03-17 09:33:04.0. [Tweet]

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