Fake News

There is no campus rape epidemic.

Trump did not say the media are misbehaving after signing an executive order, even though if he had, he would have been right, and he may have said it some other time. He said Iran was misbehaving.

It hasn't snowed in DC in weeks, except on a promotional photo for ABC's interview with Trump.

The peaceful protests of Milo's speech at Berkeley were not peaceful. Also, the protestors were not protesting fascists, they are fascists.

Donald Trump did not flub his speech for black history month. Listen to the Paris Dennard, black man in the middle, who was the only person in the room for the actual event, get interrupted, talked over, and filibustered by a panel of two liberals and a liberal host who weren't actually there.

Teen Vogue doesn't want you to hear both sides of the gun rights debate.

Patterico rounds 'em up: Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch did not found a "Fascism Forever" club in high school, Trump did not rename black history month, Trump did not reduce sanctions on Russia, but NBC did criticize Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch for writing an op-ed that he didn't write.

Nearly half of Americans believe Trump is moving too fast, which means more than half either want him to move faster, think he's moving at the right pace, or just don't care. For bonus points, do the math from the article: 45% believe Trump should either move faster or is doing just fine. The remaining 7% "have no opinion", and the margin of error is not reporting. An honest headline could state, at best, a tie.

Trump did not blindside the Department of Justice or the Secretary of Homeland Security with his executive orders. Nor did he force Secret Service agents to resign so he could restructure the service. Nor did he threaten to invade Mexico.

Another site is looking for examples of weaponized empathy, most of which also turn out to be fake news.

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