The Democrats are trying to recount their way to victory...

It turns out that Jill Stein, Green party candidate, is conducting a recount effort (and crowdfunding it) in three states that would be sufficient to reverse the presidential election results. Hillary's campaign is getting involved, too.

If it was just a Stein scamfunding operation I'd say ignore it. But given the targeted states and the involvement of the Hillary campaign, Trump needs to make sure he has his people involved and playing defense. If you wait until the Democrats have "found" enough votes to swing the election their way, it's too late.

The margin of victory in those states, particularly Pennsylvania, seems larger than the usual margin of fraud. But the Democrats, and Hillary, are desperate and they think they are stopping the next incarnation of Hitler. Hillary and her top people are looking at the prospect of ending their lives in jail if Trump's administration unleashes the FBI.

They will pull out all the stops if they think there's even a tiny chance of actual victory.

UPDATE: Whaddya know, the recount deadline for Pennsylvania was November 21st and Jill Stein missed it. Anyone considering donating money to her efforts should bear this in mind.

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