Obama still trying to move gun control forward

No LawyersWhile President Obama is taking a valedictory tour of Europe, his minions in the Justice Department are still hard at work trying to establish his gun control legacy. The National Institute of Justice released their final baseline specifications that outline the minimums required for a "smart gun" (sic) if it is to be used by law enforcement. Their efforts on this were in response to a Presidential Memorandum that President Obama issued to the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Justice in January 2016 ordering them to promote "smart gun" technology.

This sort of thing seems unlikely to advance under a Trump administration, but it doesn't go away. On the other hand, Sebastian took a closer look at the specification, and it rejects a lot of the gun control doctrine. Basically, police demand that their minimum necessary "smart gun" function without a lot of the extra "safety" features gun control advocates demand.

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