Zero confidence

Rolf at Joe's PlaceI have ZERO confidence that my ballot is being counted correct by the machines tabulating the ballots. I have ZERO confidence that there are not boxes full of pre-marked ballots waiting in someone’s trunk to be produced if the tally starts going the wrong way. I have ZERO confidence that there is any way to audit the vote totals and confirm that they are a reasonable reflection of the intent of the ballots the voters filled out. I have ZERO confidence that only legally permissible voters are casting ballots. I have ZERO confidence that only legal voters ballots are counted.

So why do I vote? Just doing my part in making the margin of victory larger than the margin of fraud. If the nation ever has to resort to the fourth box of democracy, I can sleep comfortably at night knowing I did my level best to use the first three effectively, and the bastards had it coming.

Yeah, that's about the shape of it. I vote because I want to be able to look the next two generations in the eye and say "I tried everything to keep it from coming to this."

Well, I'm still trying. The outcome remains to be seen.

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