The real origin of the IRS targeting remains unknown

Daily CallerAn FBI investigation missed the IRS official who first set in motion the illegal targeting of conservative and tea party non-profit groups applying for tax exemption, documents obtained by a government watchdog group reveal.

An internal IRS document prohibited the targeted applicants from being approved automatically for tax exemption, and agency officials were told to send all such applications to the Orwellian-named Group 7822 to await additional guidance, FBI interviews obtained by Judicial Watch show.

It’s still unclear who authored the internal document that established Group 7822 and who ordered targeted applications be sent to Group 7822.

I've reported on this before when the news was a few weeks fresher. My guess is that the author of that document and likely head of Group 7822 is the guy who was running the IRS' document production, IRS General Counsel William Wilkins. If you had a novel legal question about how to treat suspected political nonprofits, you'd send it to the general counsel. And the general counsel then sends out an email saying "Give all these cases to me until we figure out what to do with them." And then he never does figure out what to do with them, so "DC becomes a black hole".

William Wilkins is likely the black hole in the IRS.

And Lerner?

She's in it up to her neck, but she's the one who publicly falls on her sword to protect William Wilkins, because William Wilkins leads straight to Obama's White House... and with William Wilkins running document production for Congress, he can make damn sure nothing pointing past Lerner gets produced.

And we're not seeing this on the news pushed by prominent Republicans because at least some prominent Republicans were likely involved, using the Tea Party name to run political scams and protect incumbents.

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