Time to write your Senators again

There's a new "compromise" piece of gun control legislation, being pushed by what looks a a gang of six. I think this is the legislation that Mitch McConnell said he would be open to, which means it has a better chance of passage that anything else that's been offered. McConnell would probably love to get this issue off the table before the election by passing something he can point to when Bloomberg starts running ads with his pocket change.

As if that wasn't bad enough, there's a new surveillance bill in the works. Among other things, it would allow someone's web browsing history to be collected without a warrant -- something that inherently reveals the content of the pages they were wearing. It would also make certain provisions of the Patriot Act permanent, which would be a disastrous mistake given what the original legislation does to civil liberties. The FBI, never one to be shy about surveillance requests, is claiming that the current requirement to go to a secret court and get a court order before obtaining browser history is a typo.

My gut says there's an informal deal going on to pass both pieces of legislation together; some gun control to placate the Democrats and some surveillance to placate the Republican Establishment. As usual with these deals, the liberty-loving folks are left out in the cold.

The only good news is that the Democrats have admitted they can't win an assault weapons ban fight, at least not now.

When the leadership wants something like this to pass, they usually rush it through as fast as possible to people won't have time to read it and mobilize opposition. That means we need to start objecting immediately.

UPDATE: Word is that the surveillance legislation failed by just one vote and they haven't given up on it yet. (You can check how your senator voted at that link) No word yet on the Ayotte-Collins gun control legislation. Rumors swirling about Obama calling for a new assault weapons ban despite Pelosi saying they couldn't win that fight.

Sample LetterSenator,

I must again urge you to vote NO on gun control, whether that gun control is sponsored by Republicans or by Democrats. While various pieces of gun control legislation were voted down on Monday, more gun control legislation is in the works and MUST be rejected. Senator Susan Collins has introduced legislation to bar those on the no-fly list from purchasing firearms, as if being placed on a government list somehow invalidates the fundamental, enumerated rights to self defense and due process.

Vote NO on the Collins gun control legislation.

The proper way to block terrorists from buying guns is to indict them and try them. While in jail awaiting trial and while in prison following conviction, they are not allowed firearms, and as a bonus, they will be closely supervised and kept away from things such as gasoline and pressure cookers.

Vote NO on gun control.

In addition, Majority Leader McConnell has introduced new legislation to spy on Americans and allow the FBI to collect the browser history from Americans without the Constitutionally required probable cause and judicial warrant process. The FBI styles this a "typo" in a previous law, but that is not the case. Protecting ordinary Americans from being spied on by the FBI without warrants or even minimal judicial oversight was the point of passing the law to which the FBI is referring. Furthermore, there is no indication that allowing the FBI to obtain browser history without a warrant is any kind of improvement over requiring a warrant to obtain the same information. In the multiple investigations the FBI conducted of the Orlando terrorist, they had more than enough probable cause to obtain a warrant had they chosen to do so. Either they did, and still did not charge him with anything before he attacked, or they did not even try. Either way, it would make no difference in the outcome.

Vote NO on warrantless internet wiretaps.

The First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments are risk in the Senate.

Vote NO on gun control. Vote NO on surveillance.

Senator, the people are watching how you vote. I urge you to do the right thing.

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