Another reporter violates gun laws while buying a gun for a story

Prince LawWhile vociferously stating that we must enact more laws to prevent individuals from violating the existing laws (such as those prohibiting murder), it appears that Columnist Ubinas’ has violated the law herself, in her haste to complete her assignment. As I am sure that she does not believe that she should be treated specially and that violators of the law must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, I am sure she will turn herself in and plead guilty to these offenses. Otherwise, her position would be quite hypocritical.

Read the whole thing at the link above for the details. I know I would like to see an indictment.

America's gun laws are far stricter than most non-gun-owners realize. When ordinary people make innocent mistakes, I support leniency. When reporters abuse their position of trust to spread propaganda about their pet political causes, and accidentally violate the law while doing so, I think the full force of the laws they are claiming don't exist should be thrown at them.

It won't ever happen, of course. They seem to have a political exception.

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