Danger signs in Nevada

Shall Not Be QuestionedThis effectively prevents our side from being heard on Nevada’s Question 1. Bloomberg is using his billions to silence your voices. Our voices. We’re only going to win this with grassroots, folks. We simply do not have the money to play this game at Bloomberg’s level. We have to beat him with people on the ground. If we don’t, he’s going to come back again, and again, and again, and keep playing this game until we lose half a dozen more states like California, New York, and New Jersey are lost.

It's hard to beat someone who can literally buy all the advertising time during the run-up to a ballot measure. This sort of thing is why we need a robust 2nd Amendment; the courts can at least enforce a minimal level of protection for rights. Not always as successfully or as robust as we would like, but enough to prevent petty billionaires from buying their favored political policies out of their sofa change fund.

In the meantime, though, Nevada gun owners had better make sure they vote, and spread the word.

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