Obama admin wanted to confiscate guns from veterans and social security recipients

Shall Not Be QuestionedThe Obama Administration bureaucratic process for reporting veterans and social security recipient would seem to violate this ruling, and even current ATF regulation. There is no adjudication, and no finding of dangerousness. According to Chris, the Administration even wanted to send agents door-to-door to confiscate and possibly prosecute veterans who owned guns. The NRA convinced them to call that off.

Wow. Never let anyone claim that no one wants to take your guns.

I've reported on the underlying effort by the Obama administration to declare people who want or need financial help administering their social security or veteran's administration benefits as "mentally incompetent" and add them to the NICS list to deny firearms purchases. Legislation has been introduced to stop it, but has predictably gone nowhere with a toothless Senate filled with surrender-happy RINOs. I've even said that I suspected the Obama Administration would love to use this as an excuse to perform actual confiscations to prevent those firearms from being passed down in estates.

It looks like I was right, and it was a very close call with the NRA working behind the scenes to prevent it.

Read the whole thing.

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