Twitter is now alienating prominent authors

Monster Hunter NationThey’ve been unverifying conservatives, and outright banning conservative journalists. Then there were rumors of “shadow banning” where people would post, but their followers wouldn’t see it in their timelines. So it’s like you’re talking to a room that you think has 9,000 people in it, but when the lights come on you’ve been wasting time talking to an empty room.

For the record, I don’t know if that’s what happened to me or not. Some of my posts have just disappeared from my timeline entirely. Other tweets seem to show up for some followers, but not others, and it wasn’t just replies. Beats me. Either something weird was going on and I’ve violated the unwritten rules of the Ministry of Public Truth, or their technical interface is just getting worse (never attribute to malice what could just be stupidity). Either way it is enough of a pain that it was getting to be not worth the hassle.

Then today they disappeared all of my friend Adam Baldwin’s tweets. Ironically, his only visible post (out of 8,000) was a link to an article about how Twitter is banning conservatives. That was the last straw.

On the one hand, Twitter is a business and if they want it to be a playpen for the Left, they can do that. On the other hand, Twitter is a publically-traded business and that means the people running the company have obligations to their shareholders that don't include destroying their business to advance their politics by pissing off half of their potential users.

On the gripping hand, respect for free speech and the refusal of ordinary businesses to take overt political sides in a culture war are both vital defenses against totalitarianism. Just because it's not government doing the censoring directly doesn't mean that a company seeking to be a platform for discussion should take sides in that discussion.

The ideals that once made America exceptional are crumbling.

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