Bloomberg to deliver wheelbarrows full of cash to anti-gun politician in Virginia

Shall Not Be QuestionedBloomberg’s money is a big deal. Gun control organizations have always struggled to raise money, and this is more money than the movement has ever seen. It’s more money than we could ever hope to raise, and it’s aimed squarely at our rights. Our only hope is to counter his money with grassroots energy, and we have to make that happen in the upcoming Virginia elections.

This is interesting in a number of ways, particularly in how focused the expenditure is. $700,000 on a single state senate seat is massively huge, but still pretty close to pocket change for Bloomberg. He might be able to afford to spend that much on a lot of state senate seats, but he would rather not; it wouldn't be pocket change at that point. But if he can spend it on one race, and make the other candidates in other races think they can attract that sort of money if they are anti-gun enough, and scare the folks on our side at the same time... Bloomberg gets a lot more value out of the visible carrot and stick used to encourage the others than he does from winning or losing a single race.

If he spends that much money and still loses, maybe he'll decide not to do it again. If he spends that much money and wins, he can pick off a couple supporters every election that way and pretend to build momentum.

Stopping this tactic is going to be a lot easier and a lot cheaper now then it will be later.

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