Gun sales are past the panic-buying stage...

SebastianJohn Richardson is reporting that September NICS checks are at record levels, meaning President Obama is still the world’s greatest gun salesman. A lot of gun folks really have the barest idea of how this politics stuff works, so when they hear about “executive action on gun control,” they have little idea of what Obama can and can’t do with that power. They get scared and panic buy. To be sure, Obama can do plenty of damage with executive action, but probably not as much as the people panic buying are imagining.

I'm not sure the recent uptick in gun sales is what I would call panic buying exactly. Yes, it's almost certainly in response to talk of gun control, and there are some people in there who are deciding they want their first firearm, or their first AR-15, or their first handgun with a magazine holding more than 10 rounds... but there have been enough calls for gun control in Obama's second term that did not go very far nationally that I doubt panic is really being felt.

I think it's more about anger at this point. We know the media won't let us express our anger on the topic of gun control without trying to twist it into something that sounds threatening or violent, we know that our politicians mostly aren't listening. We know that there are all sorts of threats out there, from tyrants to terrorists to migrant gangs of criminals, and the leader of our country is asking us to please lie down politely and wait to get killed while he air-drops 50 tons of ammunition to Islamists, negotiates nukes for Iran, and lets Russia take over the middle east.

I think people are responding to these almost-unceasing calls for more and more gun control with a very solid, very real response the only way they can be sure it will be heard: "Fuck you, I'm buying a(nother) gun."

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go shopping.

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