Notes on the Clinton email server for the technical audience

Some details about the Clinton email server. It turns out that it may have been commercially hosted after all, even though the domain's point of contact was the Clinton's home. I'm not sure what to make of the details; I would be surprised if a serious commercial operation for a high-profile customer would use a self-signed certificate. But just because it would surprise me doesn't mean it didn't happen.

I'm also going to use a brief note in the post as a springboard for some of my own thoughts.

Fox NewsA screen grab of The Harvester’s findings provided to Fox News by the source in the hacker community – whose professional resume also boasts extensive experience in the U.S. intelligence community – lists rather similar, but nonetheless different, email addresses, including,,,, and Also unearthed by the hacking tool were email addresses of a slightly varied structure, including,,, and

And Still I PersistThis has significant implications for Congressional subpoenas and FOIA requests, as well as for determining the completeness of the “50,000 pages” of e-mails provided to the State Department by Clinton. It also strongly suggests an intent to partition, manage, and perhaps obscure e-mail communications.

The use of multiple separate addresses apparently for the Clintons does suggest a rather extreme degree of compartmentalization. Consider: if Congress finds out and demands the email address used for State Department business, you can give them They don't know that your secret hypothetical marching orders from the Chinese campaign donors are sent to, or that domestic donors send their hypothetical bribes to If used with discipline, it lets you firewall and compartmentalize things to minimize disclosure.

This isn't really news, but it's instructive as to the Clinton's state of mind and intent when they set up this server.

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