Legislation to strip ATF of ammo regulating power introduced

Guns Save LivesHowever, one Congressman is taking it a step further. Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Fla.) has introduced the Protecting Second Amendment Rights Act. The act goes a step further than just opposing the ATF’s current plan. The bill would completely strip the ATF of their authority to regulate ammunition.

Given that the ATF cannot be trusted to stay within the law when given the power to regulate, the power to regulate should be taken away from them. Obama will never sign it willingly, but perhaps it can be attached to something else he badly needs or passed under a different President. Once passed and the regulatory power removed, we would be somewhat safer under anti-gun administrations because the status quo would be in our favor.

Really, we have a lot of issues like this that we need to address. We can't count on political pressure to stop a determined administration from acting without legislation. Things like the import rules that let Obama block foreign-manufactured firearms or the reimportation of Korean M1 rifles or the sporting purposes test.

We need to go into the next friendly administration with a detailed wishlist of small fixes as well as big ticket items.

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