Smidgens on the IRS hearings

I'm watching the full IRS investigation update hearings. The Dem side at their first chance to speak are hyperventilating about a document they requested from one of the investigators and did not receive. Apparently, they opened an investigation of the Inspector General -- a transparent attempt at intimidation -- and are now trying to use his reluctance to provide them with his response to their charges as some sort of attempt to damage his credibility. Absolutely no interest in the meat of the matter; just pure distraction.

One small point of interest to me: one of the investigators did say that he thought some of the tapes they found "had been erased". He was unsure about whether the erasure was deliberate or why it might have been done, but seemed at that time to believe that they had been erased rather than simply never having any data stored on them.

PoliticoWhen ranking Democrat Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) asked if he received an answer from the IRS about why they withheld the documents, Camus responded: “That’s the most important part of the investigation at this point — whether there was any ill intent in that.”

He later opened up even more questions, telling lawmakers that “I believe some tapes were erased but I am not at the point in my investigation that I can explain, without jeopardizing the investigation, about whether that was done on purpose.”

I can say this from my own experience. It's pretty easy to tell when a backup tape has been deliberately left blank because it hasn't been used. That tape is generally left in its shrink wrap, unopened. Since there's some question whether the tape has been deliberately erased or not, it seems likely to me that the question is less about whether the tape was deliberately erased and more about why it was deliberately erased.

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