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2016: Why I'm not voting for Hillary

For the uninitiated, the quote above is a Dr Who reference.

Oh, let me count the ways...

The big immediate disqualifier is that Hillary has already been First Lady for 8 years. While this probably does not technically bar her from running for election herself, if she wins it would be uncomfortably close to giving her husband, William Clinton, two more terms which he is constitutionally forbidden from serving. As with Jeb Bush, this is more than sufficient for me to refuse to vote for Hillary for President under any circumstances, regardless of her positions.

Another point that has seen a lot of attention lately is the aura of corruption and abuse of power that surrounds both Clintons. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton fired subordinates for using personal email while maintaining her own email server, which she used exclusively for her own communications and which her chief aides and staff also used to varying degrees. She has refused to turn over the server, and claims the authority to decide for herself which emails to release to the State Department as official records of her work. She will likely be embroiled in legal action for years as a result, which is not a good way to start your run for President. Neither is having a husband who doesn't seem very supportive, or having a history of losing records.

However, setting that aside, I don't like her positions either. There's more below the fold.

She has the trademark Clinton corruption and accepting foreign money:
PJ MediaHillary Clinton likewise has gone from a rather run-of-the-mill liberal grandee to a political grafter. She apparently solicited donations from foreign government officials and wealthy foreign nationals to contribute to the Clinton Foundation — and this was while she was secretary of State conducting the foreign policy of the United States. If those charges are proven accurate, how could she ever be trusted to become commander in chief? Unfortunately, in the last year almost every cause that Hillary Clinton has taken up has been belied by her own actions.

She dropped the ball on embassy security in Benghazi and then lied to the American people to cover up her mistake.

She approves of the FCC's surprise regulation of the internet by a 320-page secret plan.

National ReviewHillary Clinton did not address the NRA Convention, an unsurprising absence for a woman whose past record is thoroughly pro-gun-control. She supported banning “assault weapons,” supported gun-owner licensing and gun registration, opposed legislation prohibiting the confiscation of firearms during emergencies, and opposed legislation prohibiting lawsuits seeking to hold the firearm industry financially liable for harm caused by criminals who use guns.

Reason magazine has collected a list of Hillary's remarkably consistent anti-gun-rights statements.

John Lott has a list of Hillary! videos she would probably rather we forgot about.

She lies about her family history.


Joe Huffman reminds us that Hillary would reinstate the ban on ugly rifles.

She uses a private email server to conduct public business and deletes emails under subpoena and lies about it. There is definitely a lot to hide here. According to some of those emails, Hillary Clinton is often confused by phone calls. Those emails paint a picture of someone whose mental condition is shaky, senile, and incessantly guided by her handlers.

She has come out against video games, lied to Congress, and wants to ban guns by executive order.

Hillary may have shut down a terror investigation that would have stopped the San Bernardino attack.

Hillary's email server admin is pleading the 5th concerning Hillary's email arrangements, and the State Department is unable to provide his email archives during Hillary's tenure.

I will attempt to keep this post updated as more reasons are discovered (or remembered from the prior Clinton era).

This entry was published 2015-03-12 03:19:09.0 by TriggerFinger and last updated 2015-12-13 06:28:32.0. [Tweet]

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