PA legislator wants to ban silhouette targets?!

I can sort of understand people being disturbed by targets made from photographs of real people, particularly when those people are women and children rather than the classic depiction of an armed thug. But basic black silhouettes should be entirely inoffensive to anyone who accepts the right of self-defense against criminal attack. So why try to ban them?

Somehow, I suspect self-defense is the problem here, at least in the mind of this one legislator. But that doesn't explain why some ranges don't allow silhouette targets, surely?

Guns Save LivesHow many readers here know of, or go to ranges that don’t allow silhouette targets?

I don't know of any ranges local to me (Texas) that forbid silhouettes. I have heard that some frown upon photorealistic targets. Others openly sell pictures of bin Laden to shoot at.

I hope this will not become a wedge issue dividing gun owners, which is probably the intent. Even if the law passes, I suspect that First Amendment protection would apply to any government attempts to ban such targets.

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