Illinois law purports to grant authority to access student's social media

It's in Illinois, and they are claiming that they can demand a student provide their social media password (given how broadly "social media" can be defined, in practice that means any password to anything on the internet) if the school has "reasonable cause" to believe the student has violated a school's policy. Any violation. Like maybe he forgot to bring a handout home for his parents to read.

Schools are actively training students to believe they have no privacy from the authorities, and that that state of affairs is both normal and acceptable.

It's not.

But the best part is the end:

A Geek With GunsThe thing to keep in mind is that this law, like all laws, can be disobeyed. Just because the state says you have to surrender your password doesn’t mean you do. Upon receiving a demand for your password you can just as easily shutdown the account or, better yet, tell the person making the demand to fuck off.

Exactly what I would recommend. Sure, they'll punish you for not complying, but they'll punish you if they look and find anything anyway, and some demands are so outrageous that the proper response is "Fuck you."

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