The strategy behind Cause of Actions' IRS FOIA request

There's some interesting background information in this article about how Cause of Action got the IRS to admit to holding records regarding improper access to taxpayer information. No news on how the case will proceed yet, though:

For now, CoA is evaluating how it will proceed with its fight. Although the IRS is still withholding the records of the access it provided to parties interested in private taxpayer information, the judge’s order establishes a precedent: What’s included in those recordss can be released. But the group isn’t aiming to get anyone fired or fan the flames of scandal. “We want nothing more than for these documents to reveal that there was no 6103 information going to the president,” he says. “It is not good for this country, for the American people to think that 6103 information is being disclosed to the White House.”

Hopefully, the judge will be willing to enforce his order in some way. How, I don't know.

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