We still don't know the full story of the Vegas murderer

Ann CoulterI don't know what happened -- and, apparently, neither do the cops -- but it's kind of odd that we keep being told things that aren't true about the Las Vegas massacre, from the basic timeline to this weird insistence that Paddock made a good living at gambling.

The most likely explanation is that the reporters and investigators are incompetent nitwits. But the changing facts from law enforcement and preposterous lies from the press aren't doing a lot to tamp down alternative theories of the crime.

I don't know what Paddock's story is, but I'm pretty sure we're not being told the truth about it. I'm pretty sure he was not the only person in the room and I'm not even sure he was actually doing the shooting. His "suicide" was very convenient, and if you are going to kill yourself, putting the gun in your mouth does not seem like the way to do it.

So read Coulter's column and then run this scenario by your internal fact-checker: two Al Qaeada terrorists decide they want to buy some guns. They contact a guy who deals in black market firearms for criminals; lots of rifles intended for gang enforcers and the like, and who launders money through a video poker habit for tax purposes. They arrange a meet in Vegas on the day of the concert. They all show up in that specific suite of rooms and go over his inventory... and then the two terrorists shoot Paddock (one shot is easy to miss in a noisy environment). Maybe they think the security guard heard the shot, and so they shot up the hallway to keep him back, and then the concert to create chaos to escape in. Or maybe they planned all of it, except the guard, and had to rush things.

Doesn't that make a hell of a lot more sense than a man who was independently wealthy, had a girlfriend, and wasn't showing any particular signs of insanity or sudden religious conversion to islam just deciding to shoot up a concert?

UPDATRE: A few more tidbits in support.

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