FBI indicts mysterious Iranians in alleged election fraud case

Just The NewsDuring the dizzying days after the November 2020 election, the Homeland Security cyber-security chief was fired by a frustrated President Donald Trump, then went on national TV to insist the election was fully secure.

"There was no indication or evidence that there was any sort of hacking or compromise of election systems on, before or after November 3," ex-Cyber-Security and Infrastructure Agency Chief Chris Krebs declared on "60 Minutes."

On Thursday, nearly a year later, federal prosecutors in New York unsealed a dramatic indictment that conflicts with that clean bill of health.

The indictment stated that two Iranian hackers successfully hacked into a state computer election system, stole voter registration data and used it to carry out a cyber-intimidation campaign that targeted GOP members of Congress, Trump campaign officials and Democratic voters in the November 2020 election.

What magic has to happen for the FBI to investigate election law violations?

The alleged hackers, who are not in custody and likely never will be, and are alleged to be Iranian government agents, are said to be pro-Trump. Because Iran really, really wanted a Trump second term?

You may remember when Mueller charged mysterious Russians in Russia with "hacking" (by which he meant buying ads on Facebook and running fake Twitter identities) to deflect attention from the fact that Clinton was conspiring with actual Russians to frame Trump for conspiring with Russians?

In my opinion, the only thing that makes this newsworthy is that it does suggest some elements of the Dem alliance are getting nervous about Durham. Probably the Clintons, who are now out of government and exposed.

The FBI will not touch legitimate election fraud no matter how long a pole you give them.

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Whistleblower has video of officials destroying election records

NewsmaxA whistleblower is offering up information said to be related to data suppression, involving "missing ballots" in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, from the 2020 election.

The information comes after a right-to-know request was filed in May, sources familiar with the lawsuit said. The sources spoke to Newsmax on the condition of anonymity.

Delaware County was the last county in the state to fully report its ballots for the 2020 election, and several races were in the scope of being flipped by a few thousand votes.

The lawsuit suggests an election machine shredded thousands of absentee and mail-in ballots, with the data corroborating it deliberately erased in the lead up to the right-to-know filing.

Several videos were released as part of the effort to corroborate the claims.

The lawsuit is here.

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Wisconsin election board failed to enforce election law

Conservative ReviewExplosive revelations in the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau’s report on the 2020 presidential election confirm what many in the key swing state have long suspected: Those tasked with administering the election willfully ignored and openly violated state law.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), the governmental body tasked with administering elections in Wisconsin, is comprised of six appointed commissioners, three from each political party, and a staff that reports to them. Critically, if the commissioners deadlock on an issue before them, no official action is taken and local authorities are left to interpret the recommendations of WEC’s staff.

As a result, the overwhelming majority of WEC’s decisions during the 2020 election cycle were essentially made by unelected, unappointed, and obviously left-leaning bureaucrats. Both they and the commissioners who oversee them were downright derelict in their duty to fairly and impartially supervise an election run by city and county clerks and poll workers who were not properly trained and did not receive accurate, lawful guidance.

What amazes me is that this took so long to come out. Shouldn't it have been known during the election? Or perhaps it was, and the Republicans in office failed to raise appropriate red flags?

Either way, we know it now, and there need to be prosecutions.

COVID must not become a way to enable election fraud going forward.

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Colorado election data reviewed and evidence of fraud found

Gateway PunditThe Mesa County, Colorado data was recently reviewed by database and systems analyst Jeffrey O’Donnell. Numerous issues were uncovered.

The accurate final vote for Mesa County cannot be determined based on the review.
Persons unknown altered data from the election and at least 5,500 ballots were processed differently than the other ballots in the county making them ineligible.
For some unknown reason, new adjudication and tabulation databases were created for most of the ballots processed in the county. The 5,500 ballots were not included in this activity.
In the new databases, adjudicated cases decreased in half, from nearly 10% to near 5%. There was no explanation from the county for this significant decrease.
There is no way of confirming that the new database included the exact same results from the original database.
Log files were purged almost daily which is illegal since election files must be maintained for 22 months after the election.
There is evidence the election machines can connect to the server and evidence SQL was accessible to make material changes to the data in the files.
There is evidence the systems have not been backed up for years, which puts all the voting machines at risk.

This report shows that the results in the county could not and cannot be relied on. This is why the corrupt Soros backed Secretary of State in Colorado wanted them kept secret across the state. She knew they were corrupted.

This information was the subject of a recent FBI raid. The raid confirms to me that the election fraud in Colorado is real and the FBI is playing defense to cover it up.

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Wisconsin election integrity update

UncoverDCWednesday’s informational hearing before the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, which is headed by Chair Representative Janel Brandtjen and Vice-Chair Representative Joe Sanfelippo, allowed for testimony and questions about election integrity investigations at the county and state level.

The hearing featured testimony from former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, the man named Special Counsel for an investigation into potential election crimes in the state. Gableman’s investigation has subpoenas out to WEC, Mayors, and officials in the Wisconsin cities that received the most’ Zuckerbucks,’ seeking all records related to grants by groups like Zuckerberg funded Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) and the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR).

Read the whole thing.

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Dehumanizing the unvaccinated

Behind The BlackAt the MacArthur Medical Center in Irving, Texas a white man was denied COVID monoclonal antibody treatments for the single reason that he happened to be white.

We know this is true because the individual, Harrison Hill Smith, posted a video of his experience

We know where this ends. The only question is how we can stop it before we get there.

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Bannon indicted for refusing to appear despite executive privilege claim

Just The NewsFormer White House advisor Steve Bannon was indicted by a federal grand jury Friday following his refusal to comply with a subpoena by the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Bannon's indictment, just days after the House Committee announced further subpoenas of Trump officials.

"Since my first day in office, I have promised Justice Department employees that together we would show the American people by word and deed that the department adheres to the rule of law, follows the facts and the law and pursues equal justice under the law,” Garland said in a statement obtained by Just the News. "​​Today’s charges reflect the department’s steadfast commitment to these principles.”

To Merrick Garland, equal justice under the law means Republicans get indicted and Democrats don't.

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School boards spying on parents

Conservative TreehouseThe Scottsdale Unified School District in Arizona was scrambling after a group of moms discovered that Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg was keeping secret surveillance files, a dossier of sorts, on parents and students the school board head viewed as a risk to the interests of the district.

In essence what the parents discovered was evidence their own school system was keeping creepy opposition files on the parents of students in the school district.

Parents gathered today to demand the removal of the Governing Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg, and the destruction of the Google Drive files filled with personal information, documents, and photos of about 47 people, including children.

Disgusting, and a perfect inversion of the power relationship that is supposed to exist.

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Doctor suspended for talking about effective COVID treatments

Gateway PunditHouston Methodist health officials began investigating and suspended a Texas doctor last week for spreading “dangerous misinformation” about Covid-19 and promoting the efficacy of ivermectin, prompting the physician to resign from the hospital on Monday.

Houston Methodist launched an investigation into Bowden on Friday and suspended the ear, nose and throat doctor for defying health authorities and exercising free speech.

The hospital excoriated Bowden for “using her social media accounts to express her personal opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine and treatments,” NBC News reports. The suspension barred the physician from admitting or treating patients at the hospital.

If you want people to believe you, stop censoring and penalizing those who disagree.

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FDA wants to hold on to vax data for 50 years

Daily CallerThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested Monday for the courts to give them until 2076 to review and fully release the documents pertaining to the approval of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

We'll all be dead by then.

What are they so desperate to hide?

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DOJ Treating parents as terrorists and lying about it

Conservative TreehouseDespite the obvious instructions to the FBI, Attorney General Merrick Garland previously gave testimony before congress denying that parents who attended school board meetings were being targeted by an FBI Counterterrorism task force. However, today the House Judiciary Committee has received a ‘whistleblower complaint’ showing the FBI is indeed using the Counterterrorism Division as the tool to target parents. [Document Source]

The day before AG Merrick Garland testified to congress, the FBI instructed all national heads of the Counterterrorism Division to begin using internal tags to create a notification list containing the names of parents they considered to be domestic extremists.

More background here.

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Otherizing the unvaccinated

American ThinkerIn America, a medical ethicist says it's fine for primary care practitioners to refuse to treat unvaccinated people. In France, older people who don't get their boosters will be denied access to amenities. And in Austria, unvaccinated people will be confined to house arrest. For a disease with a minimal mortality rate for healthy people under 60, the race to otherize them continues unabated.

Germany will be confining the unvaccinated to their homes, if the people stand for it.

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Feds building gun registration list from failed gun stores?

Free BeaconThe Biden administration in just the past year alone stockpiled the records of more than 54 million U.S. gun owners and is poised to drastically alter gun regulations to ensure that information on Americans who own firearms ultimately ends up in the federal government's hands, according to internal Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The ATF in fiscal year 2021 processed 54.7 million out-of-business records, according to an internal ATF document obtained by the Gun Owners of America, a firearms advocacy group, and provided exclusively to the Free Beacon. When a licensed gun store goes out of business, its private records detailing gun transactions become ATF property and are stored at a federal site in West Virginia. This practice allows the federal government to stockpile scores of gun records and has drawn outrage from gun advocacy groups that say the government is using this information to create a national database of gun owners—which has long been prohibited under U.S. law.

This is, at minimum, a convenient side effect of bankrupting many small businesses.

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Another embassy stormed

PJMediaIsn’t great that America is back and the adults are back in charge? America is back, all right: all the way back to 1979, the last time we had a president so weak that enemies of the United States stormed one of our embassies and took hostages. On Thursday, the Yemeni media outlet Al-Masdar Online reported that Houthi jihadis in Yemen, which are backed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, stormed our embassy in Sana’a, seizing “large quantities of equipment and materials.” Just days before that, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), they “kidnapped three Yemeni nationals affiliated with the U.S. Embassy.” Biden’s team promised America would be back, but didn’t say anything about Jimmy Carter coming around again as well.

This seems to be a pattern under Democrat presidents.

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Gore announces totalitarian surveillance state to track your carbon emissions

“In the interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Gore declared that technology created by the so-called Climate TRACE coalition will monitor greenhouse gas emissions and root out the culprits.” Climate TRACE claims it will trace the pollution back to its source and then monitor the source. “We get data consistently from 300 existing satellites, more than 11,000 ground-based, air-based, sea-based sensors, multiple internet data streams and using artificial intelligence,” Gore explained...

“All that information is combined, visible light, infrared, all of the other information that is brought in, and we can now accurately determine where the greenhouse gas emissions are coming from.”

“And next year we’ll have it down to the level of every single power plant, refinery, every large ship, every plane, every waste dump, and we’ll have the identities of the people who are responsible for each of those greenhouse gas emission streams.”

That sounds like a totalitarian surveillance state to me.

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An "unintentionally" enhanced Wuhan bat coronavirus

Just The NewsA taxpayer-funded nonprofit is contradicting the National Institutes of Health on when it notified the agency that China's Wuhan Institute of Virology unintentionally enhanced a bat coronavirus, raising the possibility that top public health officials made false statements to Congress.

EcoHealth Alliance spokesperson Robert Kessler shared a screenshot from its account on the NIH eRA Commons website for grantees, showing it submitted its "year four" report April 13, 2018.

Kessler also provided Just the News with a video recording of EcoHealth searching its NIH account for the bat research grant application's serial number and principal investigator, Peter Daszak, the president and public face of EcoHealth. (Only the account owner can do this, Kessler said.)

"unintentionally" my ass.

They are going to draw these relevations out as long as they can to ensure no one ever faces any consequences.

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More FOIA on Seth Rich

Gateway PunditAttorney Ty Clevenger received another batch of documents from the FBI. This time the FBI provided an index of records from the FBI, and #19 is particularly interesting:

“FD-302 documenting the interview of a third party regarding the homicide of Seth Rich, dated March 26, 2018.”

Ty’s request was for records from the FBI regarding the Russian collusion investigation. He says this is the first time the FBI has admitted that it investigated the Seth Rich murder as part of the Russian collusion investigation. We knew that the FBI took custody of his computers and interviewed witnesses, but this is an admission that the murder was under investigation by the Russian collusion team.

Let me be the first to say that the FBI's FOIA response team did not kill themselves.

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Regeneron antibody treatment produces long lasting immunity

ReutersRegeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc (REGN.O) said on Monday a single dose of its antibody cocktail reduced the risk of contracting COVID-19 by 81.6% in a late-stage trial, in the two to eight months period following the drug's administration.

The antibody therapy, REGEN-COV, is currently authorized in the United States to treat people with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 and for prevention of infection in those exposed to infected individuals, and others at high risk of exposure in settings such as nursing homes or prisons

Credible and effective treatments should render any vaccine mandates null and void.

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Class action lawsuit to stop fed employee vaccine mandate

Just The NewsFederal employees with natural immunity from COVID-19 infection filed a class-action lawsuit Friday against the members of President Biden's task force that enforces his COVID vaccine mandate for government workers, intending to stop it before a deadline this month.

Just The News“You know, we didn’t have vaccines that block transmission. We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduced transmission,” he said during a Policy Exchange discussion published on Nov. 5. “We need a new way of doing the vaccines. We didn't get much in the way of therapeutics."

The vaccines don't work. We do have therapeutics that work, they just aren't being allowed. We need to stop the insane push for vaccinations.

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What exactly is the "fair share"?

Campus ReformAs Democrat demands to "tax the rich" grow, Campus Reform's Addison Smith went to the University of Houston to see if students felt that the wealthy in America pay their fair share, or if they should have their taxes raised even more.

Students overwhelmingly supported raising taxes for the rich, but when Smith asked them who "the rich" was, they were unsure.

People who speak very loudly about taxing the rich often change their tune when they learn how much "the rich" actually pay.

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What to do with Biden's illegal aliens

Conservative TreehouseJoe Biden has been sending covert flights of illegal alien border crossers into Florida in the late night hours. Governor DeSantis is now looking at punitive damages or state level punishment against the private sector contractors who are facilitating the transport. Additionally, DeSantis noted one potential solution would be for Florida state law enforcement to put the illegal aliens onto chartered buses and sending them to Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware.

I have only one quibble; they should be sent to DC, where they can't vote for anyone who can govern the rest of us.

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Negative reactions to vaccine boosters

Gateway PunditAfter numerous staff members of Saginaw County Community Schools received an experimental COVID booster shot over the weekend, they had negative reactions and were too sick to return to work, forcing the township’s elementary, middle and high schools to close in the district on Monday.

“A large number of our staff had a negative reaction to the COVID booster shot given at a voluntary clinic over the weekend,” Saginaw Township Community Schools announced on the homepage of its website and Facebook page on Monday. “There is a substitute teacher/staff shortage throughout the state, further complicating the availability to cover those absences.”

Completely safe and effective. Sure.

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Literal communists bankrupting America

Conservative TreehouseAn example today is so demonstrative of that point, it’s almost a parody. Joe Biden’s nominee for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), a branch of the Treasury Department that polices some 1,125 banks, is a communist ideologue named Saule Omarova. She is directly from communist central casting and literally from Kazakhstan in the former Soviet Union. Ms. Omarova graduated from Moscow State University in 1991, and Joe Biden nominated her for the OCC job in September.

Today, Ms. Omarova is caught on tape saying it is the intent of the Biden administration to use the treasury department to bankrupt oil, coal and natural gas companies. This is what happens often with avowed ideologues; they are so focused on their mission to destroy the U.S., they often just say the stuff out loud.

Emphasis mine.

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Danchenko indictment also a media critique

NYPostA prominent press critic has warned mainstream media outlets they face a “steep journalistic challenge” to back up their initial reporting on the Steele dossier in the wake of the latest indictment secured by special counsel John Durham.

Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple wrote Monday that last week’s indictment of Igor Danchenko, a key source for former British spy Christopher Steele’s report, is “bad news” for several media outlets — including Wemple’s own employer.

The media don't care because they can memory hole the criticism for their viewers. But that only works while they still have viewers.

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CA Gov disappears for weeks due to alleged booster reaction

Conservative TreehouseCalifornia governor Gavin Newsom had an adverse reaction to getting the Covid booster and a flu shot within days of each other, leaving him with muscle weakness and fatigue, claim sources in the family's inner circle.

The governor was last seen in public on October 27, after receiving a COVID-19 booster shot in Oakland. He had gotten a flu shot on October 22.

Newsom finally appeared in a photo attending Ivy Getty's star-studded wedding this past weekend after disappearing from the public eye for nearly two weeks.

But it's completely safe and effective, right?

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