Mueller 302s to be released starting November 1st

This isn't declassification, it's a lawsuit filed by CNN.

There are 44,000 pages, released at a proposed rate of 500 pages per month. At that rate it will take more than 6 years to complete the release. With Wray in charge of the FBI, I can guarantee that the last month's release will consist of a box full of the still-smoking guns that were aimed at the Trump presidency -- right after his second term ends.

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Burisma indicted for money laundering

PJMediaSo today, while the inquisition was putting the thumbscrews on Ambassador Sondland, ZeroHedge has a story that Burisma, through founder Nikolai Zlochevsky, has been indicted for money laundering, including the accusation that "Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million for their 'services' as part of a money laundering operation that also involved the [former President Viktor] Yanukovych family is suspected, in particular, with legalizing (laundering) of criminally obtained income through Franklin Templeton Investments, an investment fund carrying out purchases of external government loan bonds totaling $7.4 billion."

This is ZeroHedge, and I don't trust them 100 percent by any means, but then there's a news story on Interfax-Ukraine that covers the press conference in which members of the Ukrainian Parliament demanded an investigation.

Now things start to stack up. We've seen that Vindman has close ties to the previous Ukrainian government, dating back to Yanukovych and his successor Petro Poroshenko, while this alleged money-laundering scheme was taking place. The connection to the Franklin Templeton Fund is interesting because John Templeton, Jr. was a major Obama campaign donor, and Thomas Donilon, who was Obama's National Security Advisor before Susan Rice and is now the chairman of BlackRock Investment Institute, a major owner of Franklin Templeton stock.

I think Vindman was scared because Vindman was somehow involved in the corruption, whether that covers election interference or laundering nearly 8 billion dollars illegally. Did he receive some of that money, or know about it? If the Ukrainians are offering him Defense Minister positions, he had to be doing something for them -- it's a very unusual thing to offer to another nation's representative.

More information here and also from Reuters. And according to Giuliani, the State Department is still blocking people with information from entering the country.

UPDATE: Probe expanded to include suspected embezzlement, with the founder's whereabouts unknown.

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Durham probe expands to Stefan Halper

It seems the work for which Halper was paid $1M in 2016 was not documented. Nor were any records kept of communications with him. The payments went through the Office of Net Assessment, which appears to be basically a CIA money laundry.

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FBI Official under criminal investigation for altering documents

We don't know details yet, except the document is probably related to the FISA warrant on Carter Page. Allegedly the person who did it admitted making the change when confronted about it.

I'm not 100% sure this is really about Page myself. It fits the alteration of the Flynn 302s better from the known facts, and certain elements have already been admitted to (including an authorship switcheroo). If the Flynn investigation is at all within Horowitz's scope, I'd guess it is that set of documents -- but tying Flynn's case to the Horowitz FISA report seems a stretch, unless Flynn himself was under surveillance from that order or a similar one.

But it could also be something related to the Page FISA, just in a more subtle way. Some possible explanations for how that works are here.

Either way, it appears the process of "defensive leaks" to spin the narrative has begun.

UPDATE: The CNN story says the official was a "line lawyer" who is no longer with the FBI. That could describe Strzok, maybe? More hints that this might be about the Flynn 302. Or, maybe one of CNN's new employees leaked it to them.

UPDATE: Possible identification.

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State Dept confirmed "do not prosecute" list

The story here is that, as confirmed by John Solomon, Marie Yovanovitch (formerly ambassador to Ukraine) publicly interfered in the internal politics of that nation by calling for the firing of a certain prosecutor; presented a list of individuals to that government that they were instructed not to prosecute, some of which had criticized Manafort; and the State Department confirmed that a list of names was presented and associated with a request not to prosecute.

That certainly seems like the US embassy was exerting pressure on Ukraine to block prosecution of corruption. That seems questionable at best, and corrupt at worst... and it matches up quite well with what Biden bragged about (ie, getting a prosecutor investigating corruption fired by threatening to withhold aid), and combined with Biden's son (not to mention individuals associated with former SecState Kerry and other prominent Democrats) being paid by those under investigation... well, it looks like corruption followed by pressure to cover up the corruption.

There were also allegations Yovanovitch was making comments critical of Trump (which would certainly be grounds for removal, if any were needed, but a President can remove ambassadors at will).

That's exactly the sort of environment where a plot to influence an election might be hatched.

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Reading between the media lies

PJmediaDuring his testimony, Sondland told Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), chairman of the committee, "I finally called the president... I believe I just asked him an open-ended question. 'What do you want from Ukraine? I keep hearing all these different ideas and theories and this and that. What do you want?'"

"It was a very short abrupt conversation, he was not in a good mood, and he just said, 'I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky to do the right thing,' something to that effect," the ambassador said.

Emphasis mine, above. Who was bringing up all these different ideas and theories that confused Sondland?

We know who. The so-called whistleblower, and/or Vindman, and possibly more. I'd speculate Marie Yovanovitch too. Individuals who were, at a minimum, close to the Ukraine involvement in our 2016 election. Indviduals who heard Trump ask the Ukraine government to investigate their own corrupt activities and immediately began spreading rumors and asking leading questions via text messages (which they knew would create an evidentiary trail). Individuals who, in at least one case, admittedly added material to an official read-out of a Presidential call that was not actually present in the call.

The rest of the article is also worth reading, to understand how the media are twisting and misrepresenting the testimony of the witnesses.

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Not the science fiction utopia I had hoped for

This is more like dystopia. Leaving aside what he was accused of (which sounds bad, but this is China we're talking about), the man escaped a prison camp and lived, presumably peacefully, in a tiny cave without human interaction for years. And they found him anyway.

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About those illegal aliens who don't vote for Democrats...

If they don't vote for Democrats, why do Democrats protect them?

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Vindman was asked to be Defense Minister of Ukraine

I think this is an indication of where Vindman's loyalties lie: not with the United States. It's certainly a very odd offer to receive, and while Vindman did not accept it, that it was even offered makes me wonder if he has interests beyond foreign policy.

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IG FISA report to be released Dec 9th?

I'm skeptical. Graham isn't in a position to make that promise, and I don't think we've seen ANY significant release from DOJ hierarchy that was not a Friday-evening document dump. That said, Graham is in a position to know, and did schedule a hearing. So we'll find out.

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Criminal charges for two Epstein guards

Epoch TimesTwo correctional officers responsible for guarding Jeffrey Epstein when he took his own life are expected to face criminal charges this week for falsifying prison records, two people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press.

Falsifying prison records seems like they are getting off pretty easy for looking the other way during a murder. Hopefully they are cooperating... except that would show up as a plea deal, not an indictment.

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Hororitz report on confidential human source use at FBI

Basically, the FBI did not follow its own policies and will lightly slap its own wrist.

If this is predictive of the FISA report, I'm very disappointed.

UPDATE: John Solomon reads it so you don't have to. One thing that concerns me is the timing of this report combined with the upcoming IG report on FISA abuse. One possible read of this report is that it is intended to dispose of the concerns about how Steele was handled in general rather than in specific. That is, Horowitz may say the FBI's handling of confidential sources is bad generally to avoid dealing with the specific criminal abuse with respect to the Carter Page FISA.

We'll have to wait and see.

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Gun Buyback leads to crime gun

Law Enforcement TodayAccording to an AGG report, William Stewart Boyd traded his father’s old .38 caliber Smith & Wesson snub nose for less than $100 in a gun buyback in 2004. It was supposed to be destroyed, but somehow the same handgun with serial number J515268 was found next to a dead body involved in a police shooting eight years later.

Gun "buybacks" are just putting drop guns into the hands of corrupt cops.

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What the so-called whistleblower is trying to hide

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Pieces are in motion...

Ciaramella scrubbed social media profile, some other folks conveniently forget about Ciaramella, and oh-by-the-way Rince Priebus (RNC chief and met with Paul Begala in September... and someone was watching them.

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The dog that did not bark

Meaning In HistoryAt this stage we need to be clear about one thing--something that the FBI did not do. At no time between the opening of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation at the end of July, 2016, and the FBI interview of Flynn on January 24, 2017, did the FBI brief candidate Trump, President-elect Trump, or President Trump that Michael Flynn--either as a campaign adviser or later as National Security Adviser--was regarded by the FBI as an agent of the Russian intelligence services.

That is extraordinary, and yet it has scarcely been remarked upon. The FBI is the lead counterintelligence (CI) agency of the United States government, tasked with preventing or uncovering threats to our national security in the form of agents of foreign intelligence services. The president has the absolute right to know of such threats, and the FBI has an absolute duty to brief the president on such threats--certainly when the person under suspicion was first an adviser to the new president's campaign and then was made National Security Adviser. There could hardly be a greater threat to the national security than that. And yet the FBI said nothing about this to the president.

Was that because the FBI seriously believed that President Trump was an agent of Russia--under the direction and control of Vladimir Putin--and thus could not be trusted with such sensitive information? I doubt that. Trump was, in any case, privy to vast amounts of incredibly sensitive national security information. The real reason was almost certainly because the Deep State was engaged in a plot against the president, and the method of first choice--after the leak of the Steele "dossier" had failed--was to attack President Trump by bringing down Michael Flynn.

Many of the FBI's actions with respect to Trump and 2016 can only be explained by malice. Incompetence simply does not suffice.

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Clinton Foundation reports $17 million loss in 2018

When your business is selling influence, but you have no influence to sell...

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Because the ignorant are easier to rule

This is not math. The public schools are a plot to deny basic knowledge and reasoning skills to everyone trapped there. Only those wealthy enough to educate their children privately will know anything.

And for those taking umbrage at the title of the post: ignorance is curable.

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FBI releases OPR report on Strzok

Some additional details, and the report itself. OPR expands to "Office of Professional Responsibility", an ethics watchdor within DOJ. I don't see much new and signficant information here. The report was included in a court filing due to Strzok's wrongful termination lawsuit, which he has since dropped. (Oops).

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Democrats impeachment plans are nonsense

BreitbartAccording to ABC News, Democrats are evaluating articles charging President Trump with abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and contempt of Congress.

Impeachment investigators believe the president could be charged with abuse of power for floating to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to look into allegations of corruption against former Vice President and 2020 White House contender Joe Biden, along with his beleaguered son, Hunter Biden. Further, lawmakers believe the president may have obstructed justice and be in contempt of Congress for defying subpoenas for documents and witness testimony.

“They have also weighed an obstruction of justice charge centered on the president’s efforts to obstruct former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation,” ABC News reports.

If the Democrats in Congress think they can get to 2/3rds of the Senate on this, they are nuts.

Not even Mueller could credibly argue for obstruction of justice. Contempt of Congress has been laughed off by Democrat presidents before (see Obama, Holder, and Fast and Furious) because it is defeated by executive privilege. And the abuse of power charge is transparent projection to try to defend against Trump revealing what Obama did to him. I mean, seriously: their witness cites the New York Times as his source for Trump's supposedly horrible motivations, rather than any actual conversations with or directions from Trump. And he's a diplomat!

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Horowitz to testify to Senate about IG FISA report December 11th

This is likely shortly after the report is released. So, probably after Thanksgiving and before the Senate hearing, which gives about a week's worth of window.

OANNDuring an interview on Sunday, Pelosi stated she has “no idea” when the House’s impeachment inquiry will end and noted that the decision is up to the Intelligence Committee. She went on to say she is unsure the depositions would be wrapped up by the end of the year.

“We’re out for Thanksgiving — doesn’t mean depositions couldn’t be taken during that time,” stated Pelosi. “And then when we come back — by then, maybe a decision or maybe they have more hearings.”

It's interesting how the timing lines up, isn't it?

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Did Strzok lie in his Special Counsel exit interview?

Undercover Huber makes the case on Twitter. It has to do with the switcheroo over who took notes, who conducted the interview, and who wrote the FD-302. Note also that editing the 302 could also be a serious felony charge depending on the substance of the edits (eg, if it was edited to support a false-statements charge that wasn't supported by the actual interview); this is on top of that exposure.

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West Virginia proposal to impose liability on gun-free zones

WVVAAccording to W.Va. Del. Brandon Steele, (R) 29th, legislation is needed to hold no-gun zones accountable in the event of a tragedy.

“If you’ve taken away that person’s ability to protect themselves, then it’s incumbent on you to protect them,” explained Del. Steele who is seeking a revision in state code.

If you are going to deny someone the ability to protect themselves on your property, you should bear at least some responsibility if they are attacked. Primary responsibility still adheres to the criminal attacker,

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Former AG says IG report on FISA will be the most consequential in years

Sara Carter“I think it’s going to demonstrate that people took advantage of the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] process, where there’s no, nobody on the other side to argue in their own interests, ” Matt Whitaker, the former Acting Attorney General said on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” on Fox News.

“And I think we’re going to learn a lot about not only the Carter Page FISA [warrant] but how they do business generally and … I think some Americans are going to be troubled by what the inspector general is going to ultimately report.”

Anyone paying attention is already extremely troubled, but Whitaker is in a position to know better than most. Particularly the comment about "How they do business generally" suggests this will be a wide-ranging report rather than a narrowly focused one.

Still, the magic word is indictment, and he didn't say it.

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The Republican witness list for impeachment

Conservative TreehouseHunter Biden, Devon Archer, Alexandra Chalupa, Tim Morrison, David Hale, Kurt Volker, Nellie Ohr and the “Whistleblower”.

I don't see how the the Democrats could possibly allow Nellie Ohr or Alexandra Chalupa to testify under oath with Republicans asking the questions. Those two alone would blow SpyGate wide open. The "Whistleblower" (probably Ciaramella) would expose himself as a political hack and likely was also involved in SpyGate. Hunter Biden would expose himself as an ignorant idiot making a living on his dad's political office (and likely expose lots of other politicians doing similar things).

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