Meadows calls for Rosenstein to resign immediately

Washington ExaminerHouse Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows said Thursday that lawmakers in recent days have "learned" information that warrants Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to step down "immediately."

“Based on additional information we've learned over the last week, it is clear Rod Rosenstein should resign immediately,” Meadows, R-N.C., tweeted Thursday afternoon. “He has not cooperated with Congress, failed to be transparent about his actions, and shown a lack of candor in the way he's characterized a number of events.”

Apparently they learned something new from James Baker's testimony yesterday. "Lack of candor" is how the FBI usually describes someone they have just fired.

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Operation Choke Point finally getting exposed as illegal

Daily CallerCourt documents released last Friday showed evidence the Obama administration’s now-defunct operation known as Operation Choke Point had top government officials struggling to find the legal basis to persuade banks to terminate their relationships with businesses that had not committed any crimes.

The never-before-seen document release happened as a result of a summary judgment from a lawsuit filed more than four years ago spearheaded by payday lender Advance America and other industry allies against the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and other federal regulators.

The effort was known as Operation Choke Point, where Obama administration regulators tried to limit access to banking services for businesses it considered “high-risk,” like payday lenders. Emails show that FDIC administration officials struggled to figure out how to explain to banks why their institutions should be terminating their relationships with businesses that have not committed any fraud or other illegal activities.

This same "Choke Point" operation was also deployed against firearms businesses, and regulators of the financial industry in New York State (and possibly other anti-gun jurisdictions) are pressuring companies they have authority over to stop providing financial services (and sometimes even other services, such as YouTube banning firearms videos) to firearms companies.

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Dems running on gun control in Texas?

BreitbartDuring a Thursday night CNN Town Hall, Beto O’Rourke lauded Texas’s gun heritage before quickly adding that Texas should step up and lead the nation in a gun control conversation.

Robert "Beto" O'Rourke is trying to sell Texans on gun control. That seems an unlikely sale to close. Is he trying to angle for more donations from Dem big shots like Bloomberg in light of new polling showing him down by almost ten points?

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20 dead, 50 injured in Crimean mass murder

Daily WireOn Wednesday, Kerch Polytechnic College in the eastern region of Crimea became the site of a horrific mass shooting and explosive attack.

Although the timeline remains unclear, two separate events took place. An explosive device filled with small metal objects was detonated in the cafeteria of the polytechnic college, and an 18-year-old student roamed the school shooting people with either a shotgun or a rifle.

As of publication, the death toll stands at 20, while at least 50 others were injured. According to Russian news agency TASS, ten of the injured are in "intensive care."


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Decorated military veteran gets 7 years for missing tax paperwork

Captain's JournalA decorated Vietnam War hero from Plano is going to prison for a crime he committed decades ago.

Alfred Pick was sentenced by federal judge District Judge Marcia A. Crone to seven years in prison for a mistake he made nearly 40 years ago — buying a fully automatic gun that’s illegal for citizens to own. The rifle was similar to the one Pick had in the Army where he served as a lieutenant.

He managed to go 40 years without hurting anyone with it. Since he evidently could pass a background check due to his other firearms, the only offense here is that he neglected to pay an extra $200 tax stamp, and possibly a missing serial number.

This case seems like a good candidate for Supreme Court review. Especially if it takes a while to get there and the Notorious RBG kicks the bucket or retires before then.

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3.5 million ghost voters on the rolls

Categories Vote Fraud

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More political violence

Minnesota Republican candidate sucker-punched less than three weeks before the election. He got a concussion and won't recover fully until after the election. In Nevada, a Democrat operative was arrested after assaulting a female GOP staffer. Apparently he has a history of political violence.

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Congressional testimony update

James Baker testified for the second time Thursday. On Friday, Nellie Ohr will testify. And Rosenstein has now agreed to very, very limited testimony. Whatever he's going to be asked about, he's very very embarrassed about it getting out. Probably for good reason.

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Why are gun control groups and causes popular with billionaires?

Look at, for example, Bloomberg. He's practically kept the gun control cause alive for the last 5 years on his own personal wallet. And his "gun control" groups are running ads on abortion, healthcare, and tax cuts, not gun control. They seem to have learned that gun control is not a winning issue, but that politicians can sometimes be pressured into voting for gun control after being elected, particularly if they got elected with the help of some smokey-back-room donations from gun control groups.

I think I may have figured out the scam.

When a billionaire like Bloomberg donates large amounts of money to a gun control PAC closely associated with him, like say Everytown, the gun control issue itself is a front. Anyone asks about the donations, it's obvious they come from an issue advocaacy group. But the issue advocacy group is heavily funded by one guy. And if needs any other favors, well, he's already made the donation on record and attached to a specific topic.

That doesn't explain the ballot initiatives. But it explains donations to politicians.

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Lying to get elected...

Democrats do it and Republicans do it. But they do it differently.

Democrats lie to hide their unpopular positions, like gun control (and more gun control). They lie to the people and then vote more towards their base once elected.

Republicans, on the other hand, lie in the opposite direction. They lie to their base, and then when elected, vote more like Democrats.

This tells us that the true "center" of political opinion lies to the right of how elected officials of both parties vote. They lie in the same direction.

Other people are thinking the same thing.

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About the Khashoggi thing

I have little to say about it because I know little about it. What I do know is that what's alleged to have happened is pretty terrible, but we don't seem to have a lot of evidence for that. We don't even have a body. What we do have are claims coming from the government of Turkey, who I don't trust, alleging a murder by some official group of Saudis, that happened in a Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey.

Because of where it happened, my basic reaction is that I don't really care. Lots of people are murdered by government forces in both Saudi Arabia and Turkey. If the Saudi prince recently touted as a reformer is responsible, that would be a stain on his record. It doesn't, by itself, change the strategic calculus for the region.

I get that journalists are all wigged out about this because the victim was one of them and that's scary. Fine. But it's not like journalists get universal immunity. And this journalist in particular appears to have some uncomfortable connections in his past, so I'm not prepared to treat him like a saint. Of the other players, Erdogan/Turkey is trending downwards towards an Islamic dictatorship, and Saudi Arabia under the current leadership is starting pretty low as an Islamic monarchy but has lately been trending positive.

The connection all of this has to Trump is extremely nebulous and probably a symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Our reaction should be to push for an investigation into what happened, carefully evaluate the evidence, and take notes of the results for use in future diplomacy.

UPDATE: The Saudis are claiming he died in a fistfight with 18 men. Yeah, I bet he started that fistfight, too.

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Project Veritas exposes Dem Senator McCaskill

Project VeritasSenator McCaskill on Tape: “Of course!” She Would Vote Yes on Gun Bans”
Campaign Staff Says: McCaskill supports “a semi-automatic rifle ban“
McCaskill is Quiet on Gun Views “because she has a bunch of Republican voters,” Secretly Supports Gun Control Group
Staff: Wait Until After Election to Bring up Trump Impeachment; to Voters: “Get over it”
“People just can’t know” McCaskill and Obama “essentially have the same views on everything.”

Democrats lie to get elected. This is not news.

But pointing to a specific candidate who is lying specifically to get elected when the election is in two weeks? Yeah, that's not going to work out well for Ms. McCaskill.

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Judicial Watch obtains more Clinton emails from FBI

Judicial WatchJudicial Watch announced today that it has received 45 pages of FBI documents that reveal a “significant number” of 340,000 emails on the laptop of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner were between the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top aide Huma Abedin.

Remember when Hillary turned in around 30,000 emails and said those were the only work-related emails on her server?

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Mueller report after midterms

The HillSpecial counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly expected to present findings related to key aspects of his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election after this November's midterm elections.

Bloomberg News, citing a pair of unidentified U.S. officials, reported on Wednesday that Mueller is close to finalizing his inquiry into a pair of the most important aspects of his investigation.

One of the officials told the news outlet that the findings are related to whether President Trump's 2016 campaign colluded with Russia and if Trump obstructed justice during the probe.

The officials did not provide details on what those findings may include.

I think this hints at the beginning of the end for the Russian collusion conspiracy. Mueller will undoubtedly be shading his report a little bit based on the outcome of the midterms, but that represents a significant climb-down from the earlier plan. If Mueller had the goods, he'd make the report before the midterms for maximum political impact. (What's that you say? The FBI are supposed to be apolitical? Bullshit). But since there are no goods to have, he'll hold off until after the midterms. If the Democrats win a majority in the House, he reports something ginned up to look impeachable if he possibly can and lets the Dems decide what to do. If they don't -- and that seems likely at the moment, based on polling -- then he turns in a report that whitewashes the issues at the FBI and says "mistakes were made" in the passive voice a lot.

The implicit deal here is that Trump doesn't declassify and expose the whole scheme and make the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, etc, look bad as institutions. In return, Mueller goes away quietly without calling for impeachment. That deal should hold so long as the Democrats stay out of power. If they win the House or the Senate, they can (and almost certainly will) try to renegotiate from a stronger position.

Another fly in the ointment is that the source seems to have said Mueller will wrap up "most" of his investigation at that time, specifically the obstruction of justice and Russian collusion components. What does that leave? I guess we'll find out, but Mueller will keep his "investigation" active for FBI and DOJ to hide behind until Trump is out of office, I think.

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The Awan IT coverup continues

American ThinkerAfter spending a year digging into the Democrats' covered up I.T. scandal in Congress, I happen to know there is a lot here that Americans aren't being allowed to know. If all this group of I.T. administrators from Pakistan did in Congress doesn't get out, then much of our freedom, which is wrapped up in this story, will be impacted.

The cover-up has been so effective that this isn't happening. Imran Awan, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.)'s I.T. aide, got off without jail time or restitution on only bank fraud charges. Congress got off without paying the price for possible corruption and for allowing a spy ring to run free in Congress. We can't even be sure that Congress has made the necessary reforms to stop another spy ring from infiltrating and spying on Congress and thereby using stolen data to blackmail a congressman, influence a vote, or just know where members of Congress stand on various pieces of legislation, all of which can impact us.

Actually, we can be pretty sure they haven't -- just witness the leak of confidential identity information about Senators in a clear attempt at political infiltration from a "fellow" paid by an external entity engaged in criminal hacking.

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Facebook renegs on promise not to collect user data

PJMediaWhen Facebook announced these new products, their executives took special care to address this privacy concern and told reporters that no data would be collected through these new Portal products, including phone calls and other information about their users.

But today, less than a week later, Facebook reneged on this assurance and now says that they will collect its users’ information, including calling information, and use that information to send ads to users on other Facebook apps.

It's almost like the executives were ... gosh... lying.

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Nobody wants to take your guns

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Immigration seen as most important issue of this election

Conservative ReviewA Harvard-Harris poll from August showed that voters believe immigration is the most important issue of this election. Among Republicans, no other issue even comes close. Now, a new poll commissioned by Numbers USA shows that voters in every state subscribe to the conservative view, which has been adopted by the president, that immigration should be lower across the board and more merit-based. Why is this not a priority among Republicans both in their legislative work and on the campaign trail? Why are they prioritizing weak-on-crime laws, which are also opposed by a majority of voters, before dealing with true immigration reform?

Strangely, Republican politicians talking about how they are having trouble motivating their base haven't been talking about immigration or passing legislation to build a wall.

How strange.

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Crazy feminist hatred

LitHubTo a certain extent, we expected it from the men who wear lobster-printed pants, the men from Connecticut, the Young Republicans of America with their gelled and parted hair, their summers in Nantucket, their LL Bean slippers worn on the porches of fraternities, 2pm on a Monday.

I thought stereotypes and prejudice were bad?

LitHubIf a man has somehow wrongly internalized that to be a feminist is to be hateful towards an entire group of people, angry for the sake of anger, condescending...


LitHubBut I knew these men—I loved one myself—and they are far from misogynistic monsters. They are far from Trump supporters. These men, on the contrary, comprise a particular slice of American males: they are men who did not vote for nor support Donald Trump, but are reticent to admit his behavior, rhetoric, and policies are as outrageous and offensive—downright threatening, maddening—as their female partners perceive them to be.

Note the past tense. "Loved." Very telling.

And you know what, Amy? They voted for Trump, and they are afraid to tell you, because they know you will disagree with them and freak out. Not, "Hey, let's have a discussion about this." But freak out, probably throwing glassware and engaging in emotional blackmail, even destroying your relationships because of Trump. Because, as you yourself have written in your article, that's what you are doing. Having a hysterical, emotional freak out over a man in the White House who never has and never will grab your pussy.

There's not a single hint of self-reflection in this article. Not a single moment of consideration that maybe all these nice men who loved their wives and girlfriends might have a point about how disruptive, unpleasant, and downright insane the feminist reaction to Trump has been.

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Heitkamp campaign publishes ad with names, addresses of victims

Not only did the ad include the names and addresses of victims, they didn't bother to ask anyone whether they wanted to be included, and at least some of the people are saying they aren't victims at all. Others are pissed that their names and locations were listed in a political advertisement without their permission, which may put them at risk.

This is a trainwreck for Dem Senator Heitkamp.

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IG: FBI official lied about accepting bribes from reporters

Daily CallerA senior FBI official accepted tickets to sporting events from reporters and initially lied about it to government investigators, according to a report released Tuesday.

The conduct of the FBI official, who has not been identified, violated federal regulations that prohibit federal employees from accepting gifts from journalists and other “prohibited sources.”

I await the news he will be fired and then charged with lying to the FBI, as they have been charging everyone else with that crime lately. But it seems I will be waiting for a very long time indeed.

But, honestly, if this is what the IG is spending his time on, I worry about the progress on his other, frankly more important, investigations.

It seems Senator Grassley is also worried.

UPDATE: Counterpoint: if this is James Baker, he might be a cooperating witness. That would put a different spin on this.

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Carter Page sues DNC and Perkins Coie for defamation over dossier

Daily CallerFormer Trump campaign associate Carter Page filed a defamation lawsuit Monday against the Democratic National Committee and its law firm, which commissioned the infamous Steele dossier.

Page filed the suit in federal court in Oklahoma against the DNC, the law firm, Perkins Coie, and two of its partners, Marc Elias and Michael Sussmann.

Perkins Coie, which also represented the Hillary Clinton campaign, is the firm that hired Fusion GPS, the opposition researcher that investigated Donald Trump’s links to Russia.

Discovery in this case is going to be a real bitch for the defendants. They don't have any national security credentials to hide behind.

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Red Guard of Austin leaves severed pig heads at campaign offices

PJMediaMaoist revolutionaries across the country are demanding violent revolts on Election Day to protest what they call a "bourgeois farce," according to their recent posts on social media. As Far Left Watch reports, the Red Guards of Austin escalated its war against "imperialism" last week by placing severed pig heads at "polling places and campaign offices" in and around the Austin, Texas, area.

The group is calling for revolutionary violence rather than participation in the “bourgeois elections.”

It's hard to see this as anything other than a terrorist threat of violence. It's worth noting that although this "Red Guard" is presumably coming from the communist left -- hell, they were celebrating some sort of Maoist life event -- but these people seem to be attacking both Ted Cruz and Robert O'Rourke.

So I guess my takeaway is that the hard left isn't buying Beto's hispanic-of-the-people schtick any more than the rest of us. And that I better buy more ammo.

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Turns out Stormy will be paying Trump

For the first time in history, a whore pays a politician. (I can't take credit for the phrasing, but I don't remember where I saw it).

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Elizabeth Warren may be an Indian after all

Turns out she finally took a DNA test. Apparently, her DNA "suggests" that she may have a single Indian ancestor within the last 6 to 10 generations. That's somewhere between 1/64th Indian and 1/1024th Indian. Most likely, according to her own report, it's 1/256th.

Note that she sent it to a Harvard professor rather than a standard professional test company. (I have to wonder what results she got back from the standard companies?)

Note that she was claiming her grandmother or great grandmother was the Indian. That's solidly disproven by her own test. Her great-grandmother would be 3 generations back. So we're talking great-great-great-great grandmother.

Warren has less Indian heritage than the average European.

And what do the actual Indians think of this claim?

Instapundit“A DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship,” Hoskin Jr. said in response. “Sovereign tribal nations set their own legal requirements for citizenship, and while DNA tests can be used to determine lineage, such as paternity to an individual, it is not evidence for tribal affiliation.”

Hoskin Jr. went on to say that the use of a DNA test was “inappropriate and wrong.”

“Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong,” he said. “It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens, whose ancestors are well documented and whose heritage is proven. Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage.”

Go home, Elizabeth. You're drunk, and you're going to lose your election.

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