Colluding with Russians

Meaning in HistoryPaul Sperry has tweeted that "career criminal" Felix Sater was Buzzfeed's source for their "narrative" that Trump asked Michael Cohen to lie to Congress--a "narrative" that was renounced by Mueller after thinking it over for a while.

Felix Sater -- born Felix Mikhailovich Sheferovsky -- is of course a Russian, and colluded with the Hillary campaign to influence the 2016 election by smearing Trump with lies compiled into a "dossier".

Read the whole thing. It's short.

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Our intel agencies have forgotten who is in charge

Sharyll Attikisson at The Hill It appears that anonymous intelligence officials are executing an operation against the sitting commander in chief. It might not qualify as all-out mutiny, but it’s also not all that far from one.

Right under our noses, while still under investigation for allegedly orchestrating leaks and undermining candidate Trump in 2016, some in the intel community are orchestrating leaks and undermining President Trump in 2019.

Ultimately, the intel agencies are nothing more than policy advisors and information gathering aids. They aren't supposed to be making policy decisions they are supposed to be helping the President make good policy decisions. And you don't do that by leaking about what bad decisions you think the President is making.

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New York City now has religious police

They're not actually official police... but they have uniforms and marked cars that very closely resemble police.

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Weissman exposed for leaking Stone arrest to CNN?

In case you don't remember, Weissman is one of Mueller's lawyers. He has a rather vicious reputation for being ruthless and unethical.

Stone has released what he claims is proof of the leak to CNN by Weissman. It's based on differences between the documents he received from CNN reporters and those publically posted, combined with metadata indicating the documents' author ("AAW") and creation date (1/23/19, before it was filed). In other words, the CNN reporter sent him Weissman's working copy directly rather than retrieving an official court document.

Is it real? No idea. But that's the standard these days, right?

As they say in the news media, if true, this could get Weissman in real trouble. It's not proof he leaked the document, but the list of people who would have access to it is surely very short and all of them would be on Mueller's team.

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Schumer aide forced out for improper sexual relationships with junior staffers

Daily CallerA top aide to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was reportedly quietly forced to resign in November 2018 over improper sexual relationships with junior staffers that made some of his colleagues uncomfortable.

Matt House announced in November 2018 he was leaving Schumer’s office, where he had served as communications director for the past six years. Prior to that, he worked for Joe Biden’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Funny how this didn't get much attention during the election season.

Oh... and note "junior staffers" is plural.

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A little bit disgusting

Instapundit is now featuring begging posts from people asking other people to pay for their "costs" in getting over anorexia. If you don't know, anorexia is a mental disorder involving the desire to be unhealthily thin. Primarily suffered by females in appearance-related roles (actresses, models, etc) and those who aspire to be beautiful like them (ie, almost every teenage girl ever).

I'm sure it's not much fun to deal with, but it's not a medical problem outside of your own control. You're basically just starving yourself, which causes health problems when taken to extremes.

It's really not an appropriate use of crowdfunding, and while Glenn and friends can do whatever they want with their platform, I'm personally disappointed and a little offended that they used it to promote someone's self-interested bleg for help with a self-inflicted medical problem.

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Firebombs found outside police station in Oregon

PJMediaFollowing the shooting death of a local antifa radical earlier this month, police in Eugene, Ore., on Monday found incendiary devices planted outside their headquarters. "I don't know what kind of damage they could have done," Lt. David Natt said. "This is not a hoax device. These are very serious matters."

PJmedia thinks it's connected to the police shooting of an antifa activist, and they may be right. I don't know. I do know it reminds me of William Ayers and the Weather Underground.

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The real reason Mueller had to raid Stone

It's all making sense now.

USA TodayThe court session came a day after federal prosecutors disclosed that they had seized a cache of potential evidence from Stone's home and office following his arrest last week. Prosecutors and Stone's attorneys have agreed that material is "voluminous and complex," and includes "multiple hard drives containing several terabytes of information," including messages he had sent and received over several years.

Prosecutors told Jackson on Friday that they had seized so much material that they might not be ready to bring Stone to trial until October.

As long as he keeps creating new "process crimes" to investigate, Mueller can keep the investigation going. He can simply outlast the people who want to rein him in, and every time he gets pressure from Trump, or Barr, or Whitaker, to hurry up and write his report and get it over with, he just turns over another rock and raids someone else and has to spend months going their records before he can be finished.

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About that media bias that doesn't exist...

Daily CallerThe New York Times claimed Wednesday that it is “unclear” what motivated the gunman who shouted “Allahu Akbar” before opening fire on a Christmas market in France.

A public prosecutor in France claimed this week that the suspect in the shooting at Strasbourg Christmas market was an Islamic extremist who shouted “Allahu Akbar” shortly before the attack. Two people died and nine were injured in the incident.

France declared the shooting an act of terror, according to The New York Times’ reporting, yet the paper insisted on Twitter that officials were unsure about the gunman’s motive.

“It remains unclear what motivated the gunman who opened fire at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, officials said, as the police continue an intensive search for the attacker,” the NYT tweeted.

Even in the face of a known-wolf terrorist shouting a Muslim war cry as he kills people at a Christmas market, and the admission by the French government that the attack was terrorism, the New York Times remains uncertain of the attacker's motive.

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Finally, a Russian! Sort of, anyway...

Someone finally found a Russian willing to plead guilty to collusion in trying to influence an election. It wasn't Mueller, and she wasn't colluding with Trump. According to her plea, she was "colluding" by shacking up with an older man (he's 50, she's 30) while in the United States. She was supposed to -- again, according to the plea, which should be taken with a large helping of salt -- "develop and exploit" relationships with politically influential figures and organizations, including the National Rifle Association. Her role in this "conspiracy" appears to be attending an annual NRA meeting and talked to people there, including unnamed politicians.

Russia denies she was an agent, of course, which probably has no evidentiary value either way. And she's been in jail for 6 months already, after originally pleading not guilty, so she's been under massive pressure to get this whole thing over with. As with Flynn, sometimes the process is the punishment, and eventually you plead guilty to get some kind of closure.

She's basically pleading guilty to not registering as a foreign agent, not to doing anything illegal while she was here.

I think there are substantial First Amendment issues with this charge, including this gag order issue, but of course pleading guilty gets around that.

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It's all a shakedown

InstapunditIT’S ALMOST LIKE THE MASSIVE TAX REVENUES THEY GET FROM TOBACCO GIVE THEM A CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Federal, state governments failed to prevent smoking, report says. On the 20th Anniversary of the tobacco settlement, we hear this: “In fiscal 2019, states have received $27.3 billion in funds from the agreement, yet none of the money has gone to tobacco prevention programs in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.” It’s as if the whole thing was just a big shakedown.

Judicial WatchThe truth is Congress has for years diverted billions of dollars in September 11 Security Fees and used the money for other causes not related to air security. This predates the recent government shutdown and indicates where the “safety and security of the American people” sits on the congressional list of priorities. In 2001 the TSA fee was $2.50 per passenger, but Congress increased it to the current $5.60 in 2013 and restructured the payment plan so that around $13 billion of the TSA fees would go to “deficit reduction” and other government sectors. Under the revamp, created by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, the revenue collected from passengers gets deposited in the general fund of the U.S. Treasury and a chunk of the money is used for other matters. The original statute enacted after the worst terrorist attack on American soil specifically required that the revenue from the passenger security fee be dedicated to providing civil aviation security services. The Budget Act amended it to require that a portion of money, $12.63 billion generated over 10 years, is deposited in the general fund as “offsetting receipts for the Federal budget.”

It's like everything is just a big shakedown to bring in more money under Congressional control.

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Supreme Court to hear new 2nd Amendment case

Volokh ConspiracyFor the first time in nearly a decade, the Supreme Court has voted to hear argument in a Second Amendment case. Although the schedule has not been set, oral argument in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. City of New York, New York could take place this Spring. The case presents the Supreme Court with the opportunity to address an eccentric and abusive New York law, and, more broadly, to begin reining in lower court nullification of the Supreme Court's precedents in District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. City of Chicago.

Volokh has a lot of details about the case. The fact that the now presumably solid conservative court is willing to hear the case suggests that they have at least 5 votes for a 2nd Amendment that exists outside the home. The questions surrounding Ginsbug's health at the moment only make things more interesting.

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Senator Graham inquires about FBI raid on Roger Stone

He's asking the obvious questions. It will be interesting to hear the answers -- and whether they get answered at all. Most likely, this is Graham posturing and we'll never hear about it again.

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Treasury officials leaking Trump financial information to the press

CNNA senior Treasury Department official pleaded not guilty in Manhattan federal court Wednesday to charges that she disclosed sensitive financial transaction reports pertaining to multiple entities tied to President Donald Trump and Russia.
The official, Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, allegedly leaked the documents, known as Suspicious Activity Reports, to a reporter whom CNN has previously identified as working for BuzzFeed News.

For the record, a bank files a "suspicious activity report" on any transaction greater than $10,000 (or multiple lesser transactions that appear to be structured to avoid the reporting threshold). So, basically, this is reporting that Trump has a lot of money and sometimes moves it around.

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Dem Gov Northam is a racist baby killer

Think I'm kidding, or even exaggerating? His college yearbook pictures invite the question were you the one in blackface or the one in a Klan hood? And his recent comments on abortion legislation seem to advocate for infanticide, as they reference a mother and her doctor discussing whether to terminate the life of a viable baby after it has been born.

He was 25 at the time the yearbook was published. That's well into adulthood. As someone who was alive in 1984, I can assure you that Klan robes and blackface were not considered acceptable in any context. And this idiot chose to publish them and promote them as part of his public and permanent image.

Oh, and his nickname was Coonman, which seems potentially awkward in context too.

CNN gets a special media bias prize for claiming he is a Republican in the chyron. He's not. He's a Democrat.

Racist baby killer Northam must resign immediately and never again seek public office.

UPDATE: He's now denying he is in the yearbook photo, but admitting he wore blackface for a dance contest. I believe his admission, but not his denial. He must resign.

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Russian escort recants claim to have evidence of Trump collusion

She says 'I think it saved my life, how can I regret it?'. Of course, she also says outright that she was warned to stop talking about Deripaska.

Mind you, I think the claim to have recordings of Deripaska colluding about Trump is and has always been bunk. You think Deripaska wouldn't have noticed her recording things?

But that she overheard Deripaska talking about colluding with Trump... to the FBI, when they asked him about it, well, that wouldn't surprise me. That would be an easy conversation to misunderstand, especially hearing only one side, as you would overhearing a phone call.

Of course, it's equally possibly she was lying and has no relationship to Deripaska at all, or that she was telling the truth and was threatened into silence.

Categories Russian Collusion

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Portland school district orchestrated "student" protest

Victoria TaftPublic documents obtained by a Portland attorney reveal that Portland Public School staff, planned, executed and paid for what the media and the school district branded as a ‘student’ anti-Second Amendment protest last March 14th.

Using children under their care as political pawns is disgusting, but frankly about what I have come to expect from government schools.

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South Dakota goes Constitutional Carry

Daily WireOn Tuesday, the South Dakota state legislature passed a bill allowing for permit-less concealed carrying. The bill now goes to the desk of Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD), who has already expressed support for the measure.

Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control group owned by Bloomberg, is claiming devastating effects. Which, of course, will not come true. Where's my evidence for that? The 13 other states that have had constitutional carry for a while now.

C'mon, Texas, what's the holdup?

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Cert petition filed for "justifiable need" 2nd Amendment case

Second Amendment FoundationThe Second Amendment Foundation has joined several other parties in filing an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking the court to accept for review a case that challenges the “justifiable need” standard that is at the heart of New Jersey’s restrictive carry law.

Now that the Supreme Court may be hearing gun cases again, the Second Amendment Foundation is trying to advance the ball. Good for them.

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CONFIRMED: Every email Hillary sent was cc'd to a foreign address

Epoch TimesCongressional investigators have gathered enough evidence to suggest that the FBI, under the Obama administration, ignored a major lead in the Clinton-email probe, according to transcripts of closed-door testimonies of several current and former bureau officials.

The office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General informed the FBI in 2015 that a forensic review of Hillary Clinton’s emails unearthed anomalies in the metadata of the messages. The evidence in the metadata suggested that a copy of every email Hillary Clinton sent during her tenure as the secretary of state was forwarded to a foreign third party.

The FBI ignored this, even though they knew of it during the investigation into Clinton's email server. Strzok, in particular, knew about it while he was on the investigation and then told Congress he didn't remember it.

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Mueller's history of covering things up

Boston HeraldRoger Stone keeps talking about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s reprehensible behavior with the FBI in Boston way back when.

But I don’t think he or most people understand how bad Mueller’s actions were – “chilling,” is how a Clinton federal judge in 2006 described the former FBI director’s attempts to cover up a massive frame-up by Boston G-men decades earlier.

Mueller seems to have a long history of covering things up.

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Judicial Watch sues for FBI Counsel Baker's communications with Steele

Judicial WatchJudicial Watch announced today that it has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice for all records of communication from January 2016 to January 2018 between former FBI General Counsel James Baker and anti-Trump dossier author Christopher Steele.

We'll see how many of these communications are lost in hammer-induced "hard drive" failures.

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All modern hate crimes except jihad are fake until proven otherwise

I don't know what actually happened here, but there are tons of red flags that suggest it isn't what it seems.

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About that unbiased media...

Fox NewsBut when we kept pressing them, an interesting thing happened: They didn’t deny it. Here’s the specific question we asked: “Did federal law enforcement officials confirm the raid on Roger Stone’s house to CNN before it happened?”

Very simple question. And when we pressed it, CNN dropped the fake outrage. They just refused to answer it. Because of course CNN talked to Mueller’s people before the raid. There was never any doubt about that. All the barking aside, Mueller wanted the raid on Roger Stone’s home caught on tape and publicly aired, as a warning to other disobedient witnesses about what could happen if you step out of line. And CNN was happy to oblige.

It answers a lot of questions. No wonder CNN seemed so eager to defend Friday’s raid and to belittle and attack and marginalize anyone who asked honest questions about it. The network is no longer covering Robert Mueller; they’re working with Robert Mueller. And you should know that as you watch it.

Of course they are working with Mueller. But if they admit it, they'll be asked who leaked. And the answer would get someone in trouble... someone who might leak to them again later.

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Oral Arguments in Attkisson v DOJ

Sharyl AttkissonToday were oral arguments in the appeal of my lawsuit against the Dept. of Justice and FBI for the government computer intrusions. This is my layman’s non-legal read of the issues and questions.

This case involves a journalist who was almost certainly wiretapped, hacked, and spied on by the Obama Administration intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Even under the Trump administration, those agencies are trying to run out the clock rather than come clean.

More details here.

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