Mueller report turned in

No reports yet about what it contains, other than a whole lot of nothing.

UPDATE: No sealed indictments. For Mueller, it is over. For those who sought to conduct a coup against our constitutional republic, the investigations are just beginning.

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Judicial Watch uncovers more classified Clinton emails

Judicial Watch Judicial Watch today announced it received 756 pages of newly uncovered emails that were among the materials former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to delete or destroy, several of which were classified and were transmitted over her unsecure, non-“” email system.

More at Fox News and Sara Carter.

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Deep State Coup News

Well, it seems that Rosenstein will not be leaving as planned, but Zainab Ahmad has left Mueller's team, as has Weissman. The combination suggests that Mueller is not yet done with his report (because Rosenstein is staying), and thus the departure of Weissman and Ahmad may be prompted by direction from Barr (newly confirmed as Attorney General). Both Weissman and Ahmad were heavily conflicted, as they were involved in the Trump-Russia investigation personally. Weissman in particular has an ugly reputation for unethical tactics even aside from that. Both were the subject of a recent letter and demand for documents from Republican Congressmen.

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A deep state operative revealed

Sara CarterA State Department official who was awaiting confirmation to be U.S. Ambassador to Albania communicated with the former British spy Christopher Steele and supplied information to a senior DOJ official after and before the 2016 presidential election.

Former State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary Kathleen Ann Kavalec’s nomination was withdrawn recently by President Trump, according to a Senior White House official who spoke to

This is why incoming presidents are well advised to make a clean sweep of political appointees from the other party. Indeed, all appointees, whether "political" or not. And take a close look at the ones in career roles too, preferably before the Senate confirms them.

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College fraud operation just a distraction from their own ethics problems

The FederalistThis razzle-dazzle performance of the FBI throwing the book at a bunch of the country’s rich and famous has the added benefit to being a surefire distraction from the ethical hole the FBI has dug itself. How convenient.

I'm not the only one who noticed the distraction.

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Devin Nunes sues Twitter

Fox NewsCalifornia GOP Rep. Devin Nunes filed a major lawsuit seeking $250 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages against Twitter and a handful of its users on Monday, accusing the social media site of "shadow-banning conservatives" to secretly hide their posts, systematically censoring opposing viewpoints, and totally "ignoring" lawful complaints of repeated abusive behavior.

In a complaint filed in Virginia state court on Monday, obtained by Fox News, Nunes claimed Twitter wanted to derail his work on the House Intelligence Committee, which he chaired until 2019, as he looked into alleged and apparent surveillance abuses by the government. Nunes said Twitter was guilty of "knowingly hosting and monetizing content that is clearly abusive, hateful and defamatory – providing both a voice and financial incentive to the defamers – thereby facilitating defamation on its platform."

I'm not sure Nunes is going to get very far suing individual users, except those cases that are incitement to violence. But Twitter's shadowbanning and censorship may be easier targets under fraud statutes. And discovery may be scary.

Like most other internet services, Twitter operates under a provision of the Communications Decency Act -- which I opposed at the time, and still do, except for this provision -- which exempts service providers from liability for what their users post so long as they do not exercise editorial control. Nunes is arguing that Twitter's shadowbanning and similar "algorithmic" processes are editorial control. And I think he's right.

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Did Obama have a Saudi sponsor?

American ThinkerThe friend's name was Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, and the introduction had taken place about twenty years prior. Sutton described al-Mansour as "the principal adviser to one of the world's richest men." The billionaire in question was Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, the same billionaire whose anti-Semitism caused Mayor Rudy Giuliani to reject his $10 million gift to New York City post 9/11.

According to Sutton, al-Mansour had asked him to "please write a letter in support of [Obama]... a young man that has applied to Harvard." Sutton had friends at Harvard and gladly did so.

Three months before the election it should have mattered that a respected black political figure had publicly announced that an unapologetic anti-Semite like al-Mansour, backed by an equally anti-Semitic Saudi billionaire, had been guiding Obama’s career perhaps for the last twenty years, but the story died a quick and unnatural death.

This certainly explains a few things. It's been obvious for quite a while that Obama did not appear on his own; he was heavily backed every step of the way.

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Very much this

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Another terror attack

This one in Italy. The attacker, a migrant, (insert "alleged" to taste) hijacked a bus full of children in Milan, Italy and tried to burn them alive. Luckily, police were able to rescue them.

According to police, the attacker said he was "protesting migrant deaths in the Mediterranean". No word on whether his "protest chant" was "Allahu Akbar".

Horrifying. And he targeted children, who could not possibly have had anything to do with anything other than creating the maximum shock and horror and outrage.

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What government controlled health care inevitably leads to

New York TimesBut he said his Cuban and Venezuelan superiors told him to use the oxygen as a political weapon instead: Not for medical emergencies that day, but to be doled out closer to the election, part of a national strategy to compel patients to vote for the government.

To their credit, they do mention the cause of all this misery: the "Socialist Party". It's not quite as accurate as blaming "socialism", but it's a start. And not actually wrong.

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Lawsuit filed over school-organized gun control protests

The College FixThe Republican Party chairman of an Oregon county is suing Portland Public Schools for allegedly coordinating efforts between district officials, the school board, teachers, and gun control groups for anti-gun walkouts, and for indoctrinating students on stricter gun control.

James Buchal filed the suit on behalf of two families who claim the district violated their children’s First Amendment rights. The suit contends “PPS officials have misused scarce educational resources for narrowly partisan and political objectives” to an “extraordinary degree.”

More like this please.

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This is not how democracy works

New Jersey and Washington state are trying to make releasing tax returns a prerequisite for being on the ballot as president. It is, obviously, intended to target Trump. Luckily, even if it passes, he doesn't need either state to win. But it would set a horrible precedent of states deliberately changing their election rules to remove candidates they don't like.

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Indoctrination, not education

InstapunditCORNELL AND HARVARD ENGLISH DEPARTMENTS DROP THE GRE. Quoth Cornell: “Requiring the exam narrows our applicant pool at precisely the moment we should be creating bigger pipelines into higher education. We need the strength of a diverse community in order to pursue the English department’s larger mission: to direct the force of language toward large and small acts of learning, alliance, imagination and justice.

This seems to be political indoctrination masquerading as education -- and not even masquerading very hard. 1984's "Newspeak" was a warning, not a how-to guide, but apparently that little nuance is too subtle for today's professors of English literature.

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Google admits to tracking phones even if you turned off tracking

PJMediaA Google executive admitted during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday that Google tracks users' phones — even when their location history is turned off.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) questioned Google Senior Privacy Counsel Will DeVries about the company's tracking policies during a hearing examining online consumer privacy. Some of DeVries' answers will likely disturb consumers who thought there was a way to avoid being tracked by Google through their phones.

In his prepared remarks, DeVries told lawmakers that "the processing of personal information is necessary to simply operate the service the user requested." He asserted that "requiring" individuals to control every aspect of data processing "can create a burdensome and complex experience that diverts attention from the most important controls without corresponding benefits," and therefore a "specific consent or toggle" should not be required for every use of data.

And that is their privacy executive, specifically hired to make people feel better about their personal data in Google's hands.

Remember that a lot of google's apps, which their executive just admitted do not respect user's privacy requests, are installed on gazillions of android phones by default at the factory. Consent here is effectively meaningless. Google will collect the information they want and use it however they want. No one reads the privacy policies -- not even the companies that are presenting them to you.

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Terrorist attack in Holland

BBCA gunman has opened fire inside a tram and at several other locations in the Dutch city of Utrecht, authorities say. Several people have been injured and one is feared to have died, media reports say. Police say the gunman is still at large. Trains and trams have stopped running and schools have been asked to keep their doors closed. Counter-terrorism police reportedly say the shooting "appears to be a terrorist attack".

This is the second terrorist attack since Fridays's attack on the New Zealand mosques. The last one, in Nigeria, was done by Muslims. This one probably is too. Neither type of terrorism is anything other than horrific and evil. Murdering innocent people is evil.

The people who commit these murders, on both sides, expect to get killed in the act; even if they plan to escape, they know there's a possibility they won't and are ok with that. You can stop, or slow down, the current attack by shooting back. But that doesn't stop the next one, because someone ELSE is doing the next one. There's always someone else when your religion makes dying in combat against the infidel a sacrament and a guarantee of heaven. Western cultures prefer to response with soldiers against terrorists directly... but at some point, when that seems to no longer be an effective deterrent, some people will start trying other options.

I don't think those other options will do anything to de-escalate the situation. No one is going to back down here.

The ONLY thing that is going to work is reducing the influx of new radical Islamic individuals as much as possible -- whether by individualized interviews, ending "refugee" programs, or broad bans on countries with a terror problem -- and then identifying and removing those already here with similar extreme views. We can do this for those not yet citizens under a reasonable legal standard for determining suitability of immigrants. Those who remain after passing the vetting will hopefully be capable of peaceful coexistence with other religions and cultures.

But we need to make that vetting a priority. The problem, of course, is that it's really hard to look at a specific individual and know whether they are prone to violence. So the other thing we need to do is reduce the inflow, overall. until it is small enough to properly vet individuals seeking entry. We need to stop approving massive groups of "refugees" and transplanting their whole communities by the tens of thousands to the same little towns in, say, Minnesota for example. We're individualists -- let's treat people as individuals, and let refugees find refuge in their neighboring countries where they may actually be able to assimilate or one day return to their native country.

And to do that, we need to close the border -- because the people getting in that way aren't vetted at all.

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Page: Russia investigation was insurance policy

Daily WireOne of the biggest revelations was that Page, who was having an affair with then-FBI agent Peter Strzok, said that the infamous "insurance policy" text message was referring to the Russia investigation.

"During her interview with the Judiciary Committee in July 2018, Page was questioned at length about that text — and essentially confirmed this referred to the Russia investigation while explaining that officials were proceeding with caution, concerned about the implications of the case while not wanting to go at 'total breakneck speed' and risk burning sources as they presumed Trump wouldn't be elected anyway," Fox News reported. "Further, she confirmed investigators only had a 'paucity' of evidence at the start."

Basically, in her testimony, Lisa Page admitted that both investigations were heavily political, that the Clinton investigation was swept under the rug (she says by DOJ's rules), and that the Trump-Russia investigation was started with no evidence and never managed to actually find any.

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Immgrants use twice as much welfare as native-born Americans

BreitbartHouseholds headed by foreign noncitizens living in the United States, including legal and illegal aliens, use nearly twice as much welfare as native-born Americans, research finds.

In recently released research by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), analysts discovered that about 63 percent of noncitizen households, those who live legally and illegally in the U.S., use some form of public welfare while only about 35 percent of native-born American households are on welfare.

Likewise, roughly 50 percent of naturalized citizens — those who legally immigrated to the country and became citizens — use taxpayer-funded welfare, as well as about 55 percent of all households headed by legal immigrants, those who are naturalized citizens and those who are not yet citizens.

You cannot have open borders and a welfare state.

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Page says DOJ drove decision not to indict Clinton

They drove it by excluding "gross negligence" as a factor, despite that being in the law as written. Page's testimony here contradicts Comey's dramatic speech clearing Clinton, as well as AG Lynch's claim she would let the FBI make the decision after her improper meeting with William Clinton. A little more detail here.

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Google airbrushes out Greenpeace founder

It seems they have taken a cue from Stalin and airbrushed out an inconvenient figure who now opposes the organization he founded. If Google is willing to do this -- an act of revisionist history clearly based on ideology -- how can we trust them as a source of information at all?

Obviously, we can't.

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Who is really running Occasional-Cortex?

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Registration leads to confiscation

A man in New York fails to re-register his hunting rifle, so they confiscated it.

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Governor Bevin signs Constitutional Carry for Kentucky

WKYTKentucky Governor Matt Bevin has signed into law an NRA-backed measure which will allow people to conceal carry without a permit.

Bevin signed Senate Bill 150 into law Monday. It allows Kentuckians 21 and older who can lawfully possess a firearm to be able to conceal it without a permit.

Winning, one state at a time. Not yet tired of it.

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Judicial Watch sues for Rosenstein communications

Judicial WatchJudicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice for all records of communications of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein between May 8 and May 17, 2017.

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit after the DOJ failed to respond to a September 21, 2018, FOIA request (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:19-cv-00481)). Judicial Watch seeks:

Any and all e-mails, text messages, or other records of communication addressed to or received by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein between May 8, 2017, and May 22, 2017.

Again, the fact that a "friendly" DOJ has to be sued to get answers means they are simply trying to cover up as much as possible. And it calls into question how "friendly" DOJ really is. Hopefully, Barr will change things.

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Biological Warfare

Sara CarterAs of March 7, a total of 2,287 detainees were quarantined around the country, ICE spokesman Brendan Raedy told Reuters.

ICE health officials have been notified of 236 confirmed or probable cases of mumps among detainees in 51 facilities in the past 12 months, compared to no cases detected between January 2016 and February 2018. Last year, 423 detainees were determined to have influenza and 461 to have chicken pox. All three diseases are largely preventable by vaccine.

Way back in the days of castles and knights, they used catapults to launch corpses into cities under siege in hopes of creating outbreaks of disease. It was an early form of biological warfare.

This is not all that much different, except we don't yet have a wall, and the disease-carriers are not yet corpses, so we're stuck with paying for their medical care too.

No thank you. Build the wall.

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Democrats violating campaign finance laws...

I'm mostly just curious whether they will go after Occasional-Cortex with the same vigor they are going after Trump. Thewy won't, of course.

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